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by Mapal Green Energy Ltd.

Mapal is the best possible way to add efficient fine bubble aeration in lagoons. Lagoons can be divided into different zones: anoxic zone, aerated zone and clarifying/settling zone. The long retention time digests most of the sludge and provides very good results ( low BOD, TSS...). Mapal's aeration system has been installed in these type of ...

Aerated / Non-Aerated Lagoons and Oxidation Ditches

by Scicorp International Corp.

Scicorp Biologic SR2: Increased removal efficiencies for BOD, COD, SS & P, Ability to meet or exceed wastewater discharge criteria set forth by the MOE, Eliminates the immediate need for expansion of the current wastewater, Eliminates costly dredging and sludge disposal charges, Controls odors, floating solids and pest/fly infestation., Allows ...

OPTAER - Lagoon Aeration

by Nelson Environmental Inc.

OPTAER aerated lagoons utilize diffused aeration to provide oxygen and mixing for BOD5 removal, TSS removal, and organic sludge digestion. Whether upgrading existing lagoons or constructing new facilities, high efficiency fine bubble or coarse bubble diffusers, combined with floating or float-sink lateral air delivery systems offer excellent ...

VaraCorp - Dairy Farm Waste Management-Lagoon Aeration System

by VaraCorp LLC

Large industrial dairy or feedlot operations can generate as much waste as a mid-sized city. By some estimates there are over 200 billion gallons of animal waste disposed of each year onto farmland or into nearby waterways. Concerns over pollution and water contamination has lead to a growing number of lawsuits filed by environmental groups ...

LagoonGuard - For Industrial and Municipal Wastewater Treatment

by AnoxKaldnes AB - a Veolia Water Company

Aerated lagoons are used extensively in many areas for treatment of both municipal and industrial wastewater. In North America there are thousands of larger lagoons treating municipal wastewater. These systems can adequately remove COD and BOD but nitrification is not readily accomplished giving poor nitrogen removal.

Cold Weather Ammonia Removal

by Vector Process Equipment Inc.

Nelson Environmental's OPTAER system is an efficient pond based integrated wastewater treatment system utilized in both municipal and industrial applications. This system maintains the low capital, operation and maintenance costs of stabilization and aerated lagoon concepts, yet can achieve effluent quality performance in line with and often ...

Wastewater Treatment Plant

by PT. Envitech Perkasa

Physical / Chemical Processes. Biological Processes: Activated Sludge ~ Extended Aeration, Aerated Lagoon, Trickling Filter, Sequencing Batch Reactor. Anaerobic - UASB Process. Sludge Dewatering System.

Director I - Floating Baffle System

by Environetics, Inc.

Create Staged Treatment Cells to reduce Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) and Total Suspended Solids (TSS).  A properly designed lagoon with baffles uses less power than an Activated Sludge System, reducing overall energy costs while increasing aerator efficiency. Floating Baffles eliminate short circuiting, increase retention time and maximize ...


by HortiMaX

The OLOID 400 is available in different versions (floating and submersible), it is able to agitate, aerate and circulate volumes up to 10'000 m3 with only 250 Watt of power consumption.Main applications: Aerated and non-aerated lagoons, lakes, ponds, rain water storage basins, compost site and waste disposal site leachates, aquaristics, fish ...

Atara – Static Aerator

by Premier Tech Aqua

Premier Tech Aqua’s Aerated Lagoon process uses artificial earth lagoons to treat wastewater naturally, using bacteria, light, and algae to restore acceptable levels of organic matter. Our system uses the static ATARA concept (energy savings) and operates at low cost.

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