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Extended Aeration

by Entex Technologies Inc.

Extended Aeration is a type of activated sludge process with no primary settling and very long aerobic detention time to generate less excess sludge overall. It is ideal for smaller flow, modular applications that require low maintenance such as residential subdivisions. But the long HRT of Extended Aeration means larger basins, and when capacity ...

KLa - Jet Aeration System

by KLa Systems, Inc.

Jet Aerators transfer oxygen by simultaneously introducing large volumes of high kinetic energy liquid and air through a series of jet nozzles. The high velocity liquid exits the inner, primary jet and rapidly mixes with the incoming air in the outer jet. This intense mixing and high degree of turbulence in the gas/liquid cloud travels outward ...

Landy - Aeration Rotors

by Landustrie Sneek BV

For efficient aeration in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants Landustrie supplies aeration rotors or so called brush aerators. Initially, the aerators were installed in the classical Pasveer oxidation ditch, but later they were also applied in several other aeration basins. Every Landy aeration rotor consists of a rotor, bearings, ...

Oxidation Ditches

by Entex Technologies Inc.

The oxidation channel or ditch may well be the most user friendly of current wastewater treatment system. The true version is extended aeration, which appears to be plug flow, but has complete mix reactor kinetics. It is very forgiving and with modern variations of multiple channels, is resilient and flexible. It is however rather land demanding.

BioPortz MBBR System

by Entex Technologies Inc.

BioPortz is ENTEX's MBBR solution for use in Integrated Fixed-film Activated Sludge (IFAS) and Submerged Fixed-Film (SFF) systems. Independently moving BioPortz carriers continually circulate through the aeration basin in a random motion, ensuring excellent oxygen and substrate transfer to the biomass.BioPortz is a cost-effective solution for ...

Low Profile Cascade Aerator

by Jim Myers & Sons, Inc.

Free-flowing, open-channel aeration device used to raise the dissolved oxygen (DO) concentration level of the treated effluent in a liquid-containing basin, pipeline, or channel. These efficient, packaged systems can be installed in new or existing treatment facilities at an economical cost.

Conventional Activated Sludge

by Entex Technologies Inc.

Conventional activated sludge (AS) uses suspended biomass to provide a flexible and efficient treatment system. While some AS systems use complete mix basins, a plug flow process with longer narrower basins is more common today. Similarly, while some AS systems still use older coarse bubble diffuser systems, most updated systems use fine bubble ...

Webitat Fixed Film System

by Entex Technologies Inc.

Webitat is ENTEX's third generation biological fixed media system engineered to harness the patented BioWeb technology to boost performance of Integrated Fixed-Film Activated Sludge (IFAS) system or Submerged Fixed Film systems. It is designed to to actively manage the attached environment to foster optimal biomass growth on the BioWeb.Webitat ...

KLa - Complete Systems

by KLa Systems, Inc.

A typical system consists of the slot injector aerators, jet mixers or jet aerators complete with in-basin piping system, back-flush system, liquid recirculation pumps and air blowers. The pumps supplied are either end suction centrifugal, submersible, or self-priming. Low pressure air is delivered by positive displacement blowers, screw ...

HiOx - Aeration System

by Entech Environmental and Industrial Equipment

The newest generation of Parkson’s HiOx platform, the UltraFlex Aeration System, represents a breakthrough in aeration technology through the application of basic aeration principles.The HiOx UltraFlex Aeration panel, with its 1 mm ultra-fine bubbles, achieves very high SOTE (Standard Oxygen Transfer Efficiency). By using rectangular panels ...

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