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AIRE-O2 - Aspirator Aerator

by Sanitherm, a Division of Peak Energy Services

The AIRE-O2 aerator is a high quality, minimal maintenance aspirator aerator with superior performance and a proven record. Aeration Industries International, Inc. developed and introduced the innovative, patented aspirator aeration technology in 1974. The aerator creates a high velocity stream of oxygen that keeps solids in suspension and in ...

Aire-O2 - Aspirator Aerators

by Aeration Industries International (AII)

We produced the first Aire-O2 Aspirator Aerator in 1974. Now – 62,000 units later – it’s become the proven performance leader all over the world.

Aire-O2 - Series II Aspirator Aerator

by Aeration Industries International (AII)

The AIRE-O2® Series II aerator is a high quality, minimal maintenance aspirator aerator with proven, superior performance….all at an economic price.  For over 30 years, aquaculturists worldwide have experienced the many benefits of the AIRE-O2® Series II for their aquatic applications.

AIRE-02 Polaris - Aerator

by Aeration Industries International (AII)

The Stainless Steel Buster! You asked for it and Aeration Industries has delivered. To combat the unpredictable and rising stainless steel prices, the AIRE-O2 Polaris® Aerator is made of a hightly engineered composite material. The Polaris offers the same essential design features and advantages as the original AIRE-02® aspirator model.

Aspirator - Surface & Subsurface Industrial Aerator System

by Otterbine Barebo Inc.

The Aspirator transfers oxygen from the water’s surface into the water column through a venturi tube, creating no surface spray. Available in floating Triton and subsurface Sub-Triton configurations.

fine aerator

by Guangzhou U&D Environmental Equipment and Technology Co.LTD

U&D aeration technology has been used successfully with a wide range of Aquaculture species and in a wide range of production systems. Whether you are producing shrimp or fish, anywhere you are using traditional aeration systems to oxygenate your water, you can benefit from the efficiency and durability of an U&D aeration system. When planning ...

Disk Aerator

by Guangzhou U&D Environmental Equipment and Technology Co.LTD

U&D membrane micropore aerator can solve these problems with these distinct its advantages:• Reduces energy costs by up to 75% • Lack of moving parts provides a very low maintenance alternative • Maintains higher dissolved oxygen (DO) levels • Allows for higher stocking densities • Allows for higher feeding rates • Allows for more frequent ...

Aire-O2 TRITON - Process Aerator / ProcessMixer

by Aeration Industries International (AII)

With the patented AIRE-O2 TRITON Process Aerator and Mixer by Aeration Industries biological nutrient removal (BNR) is now easier and more cost effective by combining mixing, aeration and BNR in a single compact unit with separate on/off modes. The Triton's proprietary engineered propeller/diffuser results in higher oxygen transfer and greater ...

Model AER-SL - Fixed or Floating Directional Aerator/Mixer

by Aquaturbo Systems, Inc.

Aspirator aerator featuring a unique impeller and vacuum chamber design drawing air below water level and dispersing as micro-bubbles in any chosen direction. Ideal when aeration and directional flow generation are required in a single unit. Multiple mounting options allow use in any basin geometry.

KEE - Aspirator And Triton Aerator/Mixer

by KEE Process Ltd and KEE Services Ltd

The KEE aerator is a surface mounted aspirator aerator that offers easy installation and minimal maintenance. There is total oxygen dispersion with the whole basin circulation preventing short-circuiting.The Aspirator meets the EPA definition for fine bubble size (2.0mm) and can be float, wall or bridge mounted.

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