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Venturi AirJet Aeration

by Landia     based in Lem, DENMARK

Landia’s extensive range of submersible mixers and mixer/aerators add supplementary possibilities to optimize aeration efficiency and oxygen transfer. Sufficient mixing is achieved, solids remain suspended and thoroughly mixed with oxygen enriched effluent, thus enhancing aerobic digestion and improving process efficiency and final effluent ...

Whirlwind Aerators

by SkimOil Inc.     based in Carrboro, NORTH CAROLINA (USA)

If your wastewater contains fats, oils or floatable solids, the WHIRLWIND induced air flotation unit may provide the solution for their removal. Separating these materials from the liquid will increase treatment plant efficiency and help separate the oils from the water by aiding in their flotation. When you have limited dwell time for oils to ...

AIRE-O2 - Model Series 275 - Aspirator Aerator

by Aeration Industries International (AII)     based in Chaska, MINNESOTA (USA)

The Aire-O2 Series 275 Aspirator Aerator offers a dependable and affordable option for the economy-minded customer. The same essential design features and advantages delivered by the original Aire-O2® Aspirator Aerator are also available in our smaller units with heavy-duty industrial motors ranging from 2 through 7.5 Hp (1.5 — 5.5 kW).

ABS - Model XTA & XTAK - Self-Aspirating Submersible Aerators

by Sulzer Ltd     based in Winterthur, SWITZERLAND

he XTA and XTAK are self-aspirating submersible aerators for wastewater and water treatment in municipal and industrial plants. Main areas of application are mixing and equalization tanks, activated sludge tanks, SBR, and sludge storage tanks at water depths from 2 to 9 m (7–30 ft).

AIRE-O2 - Aspirator Aerator

by Sanitherm, a Division of Peak Energy Services     based in Coquitlam, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA)

The AIRE-O2 aerator is a high quality, minimal maintenance aspirator aerator with superior performance and a proven record. Aeration Industries International, Inc. developed and introduced the innovative, patented aspirator aeration technology in 1974. The aerator creates a high velocity stream of oxygen that keeps solids in suspension and in ...

Model AER-SB (L) - Fixed Bottom Aerator

by Aquaturbo Systems, Inc.     based in Springdale, ARIZONA (USA)

As a bottom mounted aerator and with intensive mixing action it is ideal for deep tanks, moderate to high solids concentrations and also re-suspension of settled solids. Available with or without channels and in self-aspirating and blower versions depending on basin dimensions and oxygen demand.

CENTROX - Model CX - Aspirating Aerator

by Fuchs Enprotec GmbH     based in Mayen, GERMANY

The  FUCHS  CENTROX Aerator is  used to  introduce  oxygen  into wastewater lagoons, activated sludge plants and equalization basins. It provides for fine-bubble aeration as well as circulation and thorough mixing of the wastewater. Due to functional design and good workmanship it is a sturdy, reliable and almost ...

AIRE-O2 - Model Series II - Aspirator Aerator

by Aeration Industries International (AII)     based in Chaska, MINNESOTA (USA)

The Series II oper­ates by cre­at­ing a par­tial vac­uum under the water, draw­ing air through the shaft and dis­pers­ing it into the water in a hor­i­zon­tal direc­tion. As the pro­peller rotates, it induces a flow of atmos­pheric air through the air intake ports on the shaft ...

Aspirator - Surface & Subsurface Industrial Aerator System

by Otterbine Barebo Inc.     based in Emmaus, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

The Aspirator transfers oxygen from the water’s surface into the water column through a venturi tube, creating no surface spray. Available in floating Triton and subsurface Sub-Triton configurations.

AIRE-O2 - Surface Aspirating Aerator

by Aeration Industries International (AII)     based in Chaska, MINNESOTA (USA)

We produced the first Aire-O2 Aspirator Aerator in 1974. Now – 62,000 units later – it’s become the proven performance leader all over the world.

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