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Aerator Performance Testing

by Air Products     Office in THAILAND

The performance of aeration equipment is critical to the successful operation of an activated sludge process. Often, in building a new plant, the performance of such equipment must be tested against the manufacturers specification in terms of power used for the quantity of oxygen transferred to the water.

Nissei Aerator

by Blue Aqua International     based in Bangkok, THAILAND

Key features: - Made in Japan: life span of gear motor is about 3-4 years - Aluminium motor & gearbox is good resistant to rust. No oil change. - IP65 ensures motor do not short circuit in wet condition - New improvement include Anti-rust fan cover; stainless steel screws - Gearbox 12 months warrantee if assembled according to our ...

Air Diffuser

by Association of 3 Co., Ltd.     based in Bangkhuntien, THAILAND

D Air is the elastic rubber membrane diffuser disc. It is designed to perform under physical and chemical harsh conditions. The body is made of Polypropylene co-polymer that exhibits great strength under high temperature fluctuations. The membrane is so designed to have long life especially in hot climate environment. It is punctured to more than ...


by THAI ZYMETEC     based in bangkok, THAILAND

Specifications Aerator in Aerated LagoonThe aerator type Sub-surface Horizontally Directed Self Aspirating Aerator aeration by the air above the surface. Through the tube (Hollow Shaft), which is connected to the rotor and rotate driven by electric motor mounted over the water. Rotating propellers driven by a pressure difference causes the air ...

Mixing Jet Aerator

by IOTA Thailand Ltd.     based in Bangkok, THAILAND

Mixing jet aerator has high efficiency in mixing wastewater with air, as well as circulating wastewater throughout the tank to prevent dead zone problem.

Retrofitting Jet Aerators with Oxygen

by Air Products     Office in THAILAND

The treatment capacity of an existing wastewater system fitted with conventional (air based) Jet Aerators can be increased substantially by converting aerators to pure oxygen operation. This is usually a simple and inexpensive conversion.The rate at which oxygen dissolves is proportional to the purity at which it is used. By changing from air to ...

Aerobic Wastewater Treatment

by Global Water Engineering (GWE)     based in Bangkok, THAILAND

Aerobic treatment converts the organic pollutants (COD, BOD) in wastewater into a fair amount of excess sludge, and oxidizes the rest with oxygen (air) to carbon dioxide. This causes high operating costs for sludge treatment and disposal and for aeration, so that anaerobic treatment systems are normally to be preferred. The aerobic process ...

High Rate Aeration with OXY-DEP VSA

by Air Products     Office in THAILAND

Air Products offers a unique wastewater aerator, which operates via the simple combination of an air blower and a gas separation bed. The OXY-DEP VSA technology works by replacing the inert nitrogen with high purity oxygen in your wastewater treatment process. This system uses a low-energy mixer to dissolve the oxygen and mix the tank contents.

HORIBA - Model HO-300 - Two-Wire Transmitter

by HORIBA Europe GmbH     Office in THAILAND

Redox potential measurement of various solutions. Suitable for aeration control of sewage treatment and neutralization of chemicals.

viledon - Model PA/560 G-10 - Diffusion Media

by Freudenberg Filtration Technologies SE & Co. KG     Office in Amphur Muang Chonburi , THAILAND

viledon PA/560 G-10 micron is a progressively structured diffusion media created by viledon tooptimize laminar air flow. Manufactured from thermally bonded synthetic fibers, viledon’s diffusion mediahas set the standard in paint booth filtration world wide. vildeon’s filtration superiority,known as the viledon difference,

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