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Dosing Pumps For Water And Wastewater Treatment.

by Verderflex Peristaltic Pumps - part of the Verder Group

Peristaltic pumps are proven performers in water and waste treatment solving problems including: Dosing and metering treatment chemicals and reagents including ferric chloride (“Ferric”), sodium hypochlorite (“Hypo”), chlorine water, lime (Kalic or Kalkmilch), caustic soda, powder activated carbon and polymers, Sludge ...

Auto Polymer Dosing


The Opti-Mizer is a self contained, portable   PLC controlled slurry processing system. The adaptable sensors integrate directly to the dredge/pump pipeline to monitor and treat sludge prior to  the de-watering tubes and/or de-watering devices.  As the slurry passes the floc analyzer, feedback is sent to the polymer dosage ...

CAP20 - Dry Powder Polymer System

by Vanderbeken Enterprises Ltd.

The CAP series are available in 750-1500-3000-6000 l/hour capacity and can be fully customized. They all operate on the following principal: polymer from the feed hopper passes through a lump breaker and via a screw conveyor micro-dosing unit to a pre-dilution unit where it is mixed with a controlled volume of water and enters a dilution tank ...

OR-TEC Blend - 500P/750P Series - Emulsion Polymer Feeders

by Tramfloc, Inc.

Incoming dilution water is regulated through a flow control meter, then passed through an eductor. Emulsion polymer is drawn from its container and injected into the eductor by a metering pump. High water velocity through the eductor instantly activates the emulsion. The solution then flows to a retention vessel for further mixing and activation. ...

Panel Mounted Tube Pumps for OEM Applications

by Verderflex Peristaltic Pumps - part of the Verder Group

The Verderflex OEM range of tube pumps are designed for panel mounting or incorporation into 3rd party machines that need an accurate, low maintenance dosing solution that can be found in many applications.

Titanium Centrifugal Pumps

by Titanium Tantalum Products Ltd

TiTaN's centrifugal pump consist of rotating vanes, enclosed within a housing or casing, used to impart energy to a fluid through centrifugal force. Liquid ring vacuum pumps are used for handling wet gas mixtures. Chemical liquids handling applications such as high-pressure additive injection in oil production and transferring thick, ...


by ABC-Miljø

POLYMER-DS is a new system this regulates the dose pump for Polymer dosage at the dewatering of sludge in centrifuge. A sample taken from the reject water from the centrifuge is instantly and continuously measured and POLYMER-DS will constantly keep a balance between positive and negative ions relating to a set-point. When using positive Polymer ...

AF Series - Polymer Make-up System

by AMCON Inc.

The AF Series polymer make-up system is designed to dissolve liquid polymer, which are used for sludge dewatering and various other wastewater treatment systems, automatically to the specified concentrations of polymer. Automation of dissolving work will drastically save labor cost.

Verderflex Peristaltic Tube Pump

by GPM Industries Inc.

The Verder group’s 25 years’ experience in peristaltic pumps has led to a completely new design of low pressure peristaltic tube pump: the Verderflex SMART series.

Chemical Dosing Machine

by Doyen (China) Machinery Co., Ltd

JY serial chemical dosing machine has functions of feeding, dissolving, blending and adding chemicals, it is composed of powder auto-putting machine, stainless steel dissolving box, stainless steel blade stirrer, chemical dosing pump and other accessories including Y type filter, flow meter, electromagnet valve, liquid level controller, etc., This ...

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