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Digital Dosing Pumps

by Grundfos Pumps Corporation

Precise dosing pumps with capacities up to 150 l/s. The Grundfos range of high-precision dosing pumps are ideal for a large number of applications, such as wastewater treatment plants, textile industries, pulp and paper industries, etc. Capacity: Up to 150 l/h.

solid AA - Direct Solid AAS

by Analytik Jena AG

Direct solids analysis – for all graphite furnace AAS systems from Analytik Jena. Conventional methods of elemental analysis can only process liquid samples. Solids, therefore, are subject to a timeconsuming sample preparation process. Analytik Jena's solid AA technology offers an interesting alternative: The direct solid AAS.

Ydrosos - Dosing Unit

by Ydroteq N.V.

A dosing unit with silicate-polyphosphate powder (prevents scale + corrosion). Protects the sanitary installations by means of the adequate proportional dosage in accordance with the water consumption. Visual control on consumption of the product. The already present scale/oxidation in the pipe is dissolved after a certain amount of time. Dosing ...

QCAL - GDX - Gas Dosing Units for Corrosion Tests & Climate Chambers

by QCAL Messtechnik GmbH

Gas Dosing units for sulfur dioxide and other gases – designed for corrosion tests according to test procedures as for example : DIN EN ISO 6988, DIN 50018 ( Kesternichtest ), DIN EN ISO 3231, mixed flowing gas testing IEC 60068-260 and IMO DE53/WE.2. These units can provide gas atmospheres for high and low concentration ranges as well. They ...

DDI 209

by Grundfos Alldos

Very reliable even for pumping rates as low as 0.005 l/h. Instead of having to convert the required litre capacity per hour into the corresponding stroke frequency (strokes per minute) of the pump, all you now need to do with DDI is enter the litres per hour. You no longer need either knowledge of equations or a pocket calculator. The stroke ...

FEM 1.02 KP .55 RC - Dosing Pump

by KNF Neuberger GmbH

The FEM diaphragm dosing pump has been specially developed in order to accurately dose small quantities of liquid over a long period of time whereby two of its most distinctive features are its compact size and robustness (pump and electronics). The FEM pump and electronics makes a complete dosing system which is suitable for both simple as well ...

Grundfos - DDI - Digital-Dosing Diaphragm Pumps

by Pumpaction

The DDI brand enjoys a reputation worldwide for pumps with unparalleled levels of intelligence, for easy operation and perfect calibration. The DDI series has proved itself on the market as champions in dosing technology. The integrated high-performance microelectronics and the innovative speed-regulated drive technology produce a precision and ...

Easyfloc - MONO (D-0260-585-90) - PAC Dosing System

by Gaffey Technical Services Ltd

Precision PAC dosing system for single pool filtration systems using a very user friendly dose selection, enabling easy set-up and calibration within seconds.The Easyfloc MONO has several unique features which make PAC dosing much easier than with standard dosing pumps including - automatic leak detection, container empty LED indicator, ...

Grundfos - DDA - Digital-Dosing Diaphragm Pumps

by Pumpaction

Grundfos DDA SMART Digital dosing pumps meet the toughest dosing challenges offering state-of-the-art drive technology, new dimensions of user-comfort and intelligent flow control. These features ensure extremely reliable, cost-effective and high-precision processes at an optimum price-performance ratio. The DDA is one of the best dosing pumps on ...

859 Titrotherm complete with tiamo

by Metrohm U.K. Ltd.

Computer-controlled titrator for thermometric titration. Including complete accessories for the titration (10 mL buret, titration stand with rod stirrer, Thermoprobe, titration vessel and tiamo™ light).

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