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AGIL - Drinking Water Disinfection

by Casaprotect - a brand by Junker Filter GmbH     based in Sinsheim, GERMANY

With CASAPROTECT AGIL we offer a disinfectant, applicable in the whole drinking water pipeline (warm/cold) to the point of use, protecting those from contamination.Using AGIL neither impacts smell nor taste of drinking water and can be used for fire fighting measure, as well as for protection and prevention, in compliance with the prescriptive ...

TrojanUV - Model Torrent - Large Scale Drinking Water Disinfection

by Trojan Technologies - a subsidiary of Danaher Corporation     based in London, ONTARIO (CANADA)

Reducing maintenance requirements land costs while incorporating the mostefficient technologies available, the [Trojan UVTorrent leads the way for large-scale drinking water disinfection.

Sunvention - Model CleanPhoton - Solar Drinking Water Disinfection System

by Sunvention International GmbH     based in Lörrach, GERMANY

The CleanPhoton disinfects contaminated water to provide drinking water. CleanPhoton modules are portable and may be combined for high capacity. The system is ready for series production.

Fluid Dynamics - Model Tripleguard-CD - Water Improvements & Purification System

by Fluid Dynamics International Ltd     based in Maidenhead, UNITED KINGDOM

New! From Fluid Dynamics is the Tripleguard-cd small commercial and domestic range of water improvements and purification products. With application ranging from schools, hospitals, universities, laboratories and private homes the new Tripleguard-cd range of water filters, purifiers and scale inhibition system give a single but total treatment ...

Biokleen - Non-Chemical Sterilisation System for Potable Water

by Fluid Dynamics International Ltd     based in Maidenhead, UNITED KINGDOM

The concept of ionisation has been around almost as long as civilisation. Its use became widespread during the roman era when silver was used in drinking water for sterlisation, many more cases have been seen in the pre-industrial era. Today ionisation has traditionally focussed on drinking water supplies, NASA uses it on manned space missions and ...

Fluid Dynamics - Model Sanitron-UV - Non-Chemical Water Treatment Solutions System

by Fluid Dynamics International Ltd     based in Maidenhead, UNITED KINGDOM

Bacteria carried in water are potentially very harmful. Since 1973 Fluid Dynamics, leader in non-chemical water treatment solutions have been supplying their systems for solving problems caused by water.

Ferrocid - Biocides and Disinfectants

by Kurita Europe     based in Ludwigshafen, GERMANY

Kurita´s broad range of biocides and disinfectants to protect your water systems from biological contamination. Ferrocid: for an effective control of micro-organisms (bacteria, fungi and algae) and macro-organisms (e.g. mussels) in industrial recirculating water systems and membrane filtration units. Oxidizing and non-oxidizing biocides are useful ...

CARUSOL C liquid permanganate

by Carus Corporation     based in Peru, ILLINOIS (USA)

CARUSOL® C liquid permanganate is an effective oxidant recommended for potable drinking water applications that require a concentrated permanganate solution. Applications include; iron and manganese reduction, taste and odor control, disinfection by-product reduction, color reduction, and radium reduction. CARUSOL® C liquid permanganate is ...

Palintest ChlordioX Plus Kit

by Camlab Limited     based in Over, UNITED KINGDOM

The new Palintest ChlordioX Plus forms part of the Palintest sensor family which includes the ChloroSense and the ChlordioXense. The instrument uses patented disposable sensor technology and a unique sequential method to measure Free Chlorine, Chlorine Dioxide and Chlorite across a range of applications including drinking water and produce ...

Azud Watertech - Model DWE - Mobile, Compact and Autonomous Drinking Water Plant

by Sistema Azud, S.A.     based in Alcantarilla, SPAIN

AZUD Watertech DWE is a mobile, compact and autonomous drinking water plant, to supply guaranteed high quality potable water for decentralized villages, temporary settlements and emergencies. Designed to operate with extraordinary energy efficiency, allowing the use of Renewable Sources.

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