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Ferrodor - Water Treatment System for Swimming Pool

by ICL Water Solutions - BK Giulini GmbH

Ferrodor® - A broad range of products for the treatment of swimming pool water: disinfectants to ensure a perfect water hygiene, flocculants, anti-algae, ph regulators, hardness stabilizers, filter and surface cleaners, winter maintenance products. The swimming-pool product range gives you the opportunity to choose your own maintenance program and ...

Green Light - Environmental Series Water Analyzers

by Baseline a MOCON company

The Clear Path to reduce water disinfection costs. Calculate live aerobic bacteria loads in as little as 45 minutes.'if something is breathing and growing, you'll know it! FAST'. Same day bacterial counts for process control. Ideal for wastewater treatment plants, drinking water treatment plants, water hygiene professionals and environmental ...

Pools, Spas and Jacuzzis

by A-Zone Technologies Ltd

Ozonation is an effective and safe alternative for pool disinfection. DiaZone electrolytic systems produce required level of ozone in solution for maintain water hygiene.  No chemical additions are necessary or desirable and the absence of chlorine improves the swimming and bathing experience!

Vending Machine

by Aquawinner International Co., Ltd

All units are designed by module combination. Automatic Variable Frequency Step-less Alkaline Water Regulating System Japan Filter Cartridge could remove lead and heavy metals. Its carbon fiber could anti-bacteria to gain the water hygiene effect. Display and correct the ORP value and PH level. Maintain ORP value in the range of -250 ~ -400mv to ...

DiaZone - OW - Harvested Rainwater Systems

by A-Zone Technologies Ltd

DiaZone OW (ozone-water) systems are ideally suited for the disinfection of harvested rainwater in tanks of all sizes.  No chemicals are required.  Ozone is a powerful disinfectant that rapidly diffuses in stored water and effectively kills pathogenic microorganisms of all types.


by A-Zone Technologies Ltd

The elimination of pathogenic microorganisms from fresh food significantly improves food safety. Rinsing fresh produce, meat and seafood products in ozone-water (OW) not only reduces the level of microbial contamination but also improves food quality and increases shelf life. OW is a powerful, effective and fast acting disinfectant that leaves no ...

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