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Hydro - Model AccuDose - Dispensers

by Hydro Nova Europe Ltd     based in Bracknell, UNITED KINGDOM

AccuDose dispensers are an economical way to dispense a wide variety of automatically diluted solutions into spray bottles, buckets or other containers at the touch of a button. With AccuDose Series dispensers, dilution is controlled by drawing chemical through metering tips of varying size and injecting this metered amount into the water flow.


by W&H Group     based in Bürmoos, AUSTRIA

Moist heat in the form of saturated steam under pressure, is by far the most reliable medium, known for the destruction of all forms of microbial life. Therefore, W&H provides you with the professional water steam sterilizers Lisa and Lina.

Hygiene Coatings

by Epoxyman Industrial Coatings (Pty) Ltd     based in Howick, SOUTH AFRICA

The 'hygienic surface' concept has become an issue of growing commercial interest. The control of harmful micro-organisms in the community may incur costs exceeding 2 billion euro per annum and collateral costs from illness and product spoilage could far exceed this value. Surface coatings for hygiene control - systems offering proven long term ...

Dual 2 Hygiene Concept

by Condair AG     based in Pfäffikon, SWITZERLAND

The Condair Dual 2 hygiene concept is based on several stages: Only demineralised and perfectly hygienic fresh water is utilised. All internal system water lines are drained completely when the system is shut down. The water supply line is purged automatically each time the unit is started. In addition to this, continuous monitoring of humidifying ...

Munkadur - Hygienic Tank Surfaces with Linings

by Munk + Schmitz Oberflächentechnik GmbH & Co. KG     based in Köln, GERMANY

In the manufacture and storage of beverages and drinking water the surface of a tank as interface between tank and filling medium is of prime importance. Munkadur epoxy lining systems fulfil the following major requirements: hygienic conditions due to a smooth, easy-to-clean surface. neutral taste by using only solvent-free agents and other ...

Dunkermotoren - Model XHA38 - Servotube Hygienic Actuator

by Dunkermotoren USA Inc     based in Elgin, ILLINOIS (USA)

With smooth surfaces and IP69K high-pressure wash-down rating, Servotube is ideal for material handling applications in the Packaging, Food & Beverage and Pharmaceutical industries. High-pressure wash-down techniques use significantly less water and cleansing agents than typical low-pressure hose-down. Cost is reduced and there is less ...

UV Systems for Domestic Water Supplies

by Lenntech Water Treatment     based in Delft, NETHERLANDS

The EN Range is the smallest range of UV units, making them ideal for domestic use.

Model FS/1R - Fresh Water Tank

by TiSUN GmbH     based in Söll, AUSTRIA

The FS/1R fresh water tank with a smooth pipe register is suited to hot water production and additional heating. Hygienic water heating is guaranteed with continuous flow water heating.

Water Aid

by A-Zone Technologies Ltd     based in Bristol, UNITED KINGDOM

The DiaZone A-Box is a robust water treatment and disinfection system in a box. A-Box is tough, it is designed to be transported and delivered to remote locations around the world and to provide effective disinfection to contaminated water fast. Heavy metals and natural organic matter are also removed by precipitation and filtration. A-Box ...

Enagic - Model Leveluk DXII - Waters Machines

by Enagic Co., Ltd     based in New York, NEW YORK (USA)

The DXII is a nice balance between budget, versatility, and power. While the DXII cannot boast the highest negative ORP and is not quite as robust as the SD501 models, it still carries the same fully automatic features and produces all 5 types of Enagic waters (see below). This machine is a wonderful choice for your first purchase. The DXII ...

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