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Parallel evaporation after extraction of liquid dairy samples following the Mojonnier method (ISO 1211:2010) – gravimetric fat determination

by BÜCHI Labortechnik AG  (May 19, 2016)

Parallel evaporation after extraction of milk samples with the Mojonnier The fat in liquid dairy samples is usually extracted with an organic solvent that is then evaporated to complete dryness prior to gravimetric analysis. In this short note, initial conditions and evaporation settings for the parallel evporation of milk fat dissolved in ...

Coffee manufacturing plant - Case Study

by AMCON Inc.  (May 18, 2016)

Secure treatment for high oil content sludge Problem An instant coffee manufacturer in Thailand had dewatered sludge with a filter press. 10 to 20 percent of the coffee beans is oil, which has caused clogging of the filter and trouble to stop the equipment for maintenance. AMCON's offer for a solution The self-cleaning ...

Flint Must Make Us Ask: Is Our Water Ready for an Emergency?

by Genesis Water Technologies, Inc  (May 4, 2016)

In emergency situations, providing access to and cleansing water is as important as the availability of the water itself. Even when available, non-potable is a significant danger. The United Nations says diarrhea caused by consuming unsafe water is a top cause of morbidity due to malnutrition, contributing to roughly 60% of deaths of children ...

gaiasafe filter products for drinking water purification - Case Study

by gaiasafe GmbH  (Apr. 25, 2016)

Problem In some water works chlorination of drinking water is used to eliminate mikrobes. Chlorinated water may have disagreable taste and smell. Some water works use aluminium salts to clean the water. This leads to low concentrations of aluminium in drinking water. Today it is known that aluminium may be toxic to men. Old piping installations ...

Mine backfill

by WesTech Engineering, Inc.  (Apr. 12, 2016)

Mine backfill is defined as the material used to fill the cavities (i.e., stopes) created by underground mining. Backfilling can be a means to dispose of sludge and/ or tailings which may contain hazardous materials and to reduce surface environmental impacts by storing tailings underground. Alternately, backfilling with nonhazardous materials ...

Case study - WESPs: Securing a cleaner future for power-generating facilities

by Beltran Technologies, Inc.  (Apr. 11, 2016)

This article explains why wet electrostatic precipitators remain a viable technology for dealing with today's increasingly stringent compliance issues. Despite recent, recession-related volatility in both power generation and consumption, industry analysts expect a resumption of long-term growth trends as continued global demand for energy ...

The Application of Waste Solids Management Vertical Cuttings Dryers as an integral element of a successful Solids Control System

by Elgin Separation Solutions - Elgin Equipment Group (EEG)  (Apr. 2, 2016)

In Elgin’s last White Paper, “Common Challenges Relative to the Use of Decanter Centrifuges for Barite Recovery in the Oil & Gas Industry,” a detailed discussion was offered about the complexities involved in achieving effective solids control when deploying a dual-centrifuge “barite ...

Water Reuse Options for Industrial Plants

by KLa Systems, Inc.  (Mar. 2, 2016)

Water can be a high cost commodity for an industrial operation.  In addition, industrial water consumption uses approximately 22% of water worldwide, a percentage that bothers water-conscious customers. To cut back on costs, as well as reduce environmental impact, industrial plants are considering water reuse. Plants have several options ...

Injecting Innovation Into The Food And Beverage Industry

by KLa Systems, Inc.  (Feb. 22, 2016)

Not all water treatment needs are the same. That’s why it’s imperative to work with those that understand the subtle differences that make each industry unique. For food and beverage companies, that means aligning with a company focused on oxygen transfer with a track record of innovation in jet aeration and mixing. Water Online spoke ...

Reference: Potable water disinfection in Luxembourg nature reserve

by ProMinent Group - ProMinent GmbH  (Feb. 15, 2016)

The Obersauer Nature Reserve in the Luxembourg Ardennes is a natural paradise of valleys, wet meadows and forests. In the heart of the reserve is the Esch-sur-Sûre reservoir, which provides water for around 80% of the country's population. Clean potable water for Luxembourg The 3.8 km² reservoir above the community of ...

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