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Efficacy of arsenic filtration by Kanchan Arsenic Filter in Nepal

by IWA Publishing  (Sep. 25, 2014)

Groundwater arsenic contamination has caused a significant public health burden in lowland regions of Nepal. For arsenic mitigation purposes, the Kanchan Arsenic Filter (KAF) was developed and validated for use in 2003 after pilot studies showed its effectiveness in removing arsenic. However, its efficacy in field conditions operating for a long ...

Struvite belt press removal case study

by Struvite Removal  (Sep. 11, 2014)

A wastewater treatment plant near Flagstaff, AZ was experiencing problems with keeping their belt aligned on the belt press. The belt press was in operation 4 days per week for 6 hours per day. The flow rate was 150 gallons per minute (gpm). Upon close inspection of the belt press system, the maintenance staff observed scale deposits on the ...

Investigation of options to remove the fat based deposits in the anaerobic digestion facility

by EcoJump LLC  (Aug. 19, 2014)

1.0 Introduction The effluent from Greencore is treated by a hybrid AD facility which incorporates UASB granular sludge bed and fixed film media technology. The plant is not designed to treat fats, oils and greases and the presence of fats, oils and grease (FOG) has two detrimental effects on plant performance, namely; FOG’s coat the UASB ...

Comparison of sand and membrane filtration as non-chemical pre-treatment strategies for pesticide removal with nanofiltration/low pressure reverse osmosis membranes

by IWA Publishing  (Aug. 6, 2014)

Pilot plant investigations of sand and membrane filtration (microfiltration (MF)/ultrafiltration (UF)/nanofiltration (NF)/low pressure reverse osmosis (LPRO)) have been performed to treat groundwater polluted with pesticides. The results show that simple treatment, with use of aeration and sand filtration or MF/UF membranes, does not remove ...

Biodegradation of the cyanobacterial hepatotoxin [Dha7] microcystin-LR within a biologically active sand filter

by IWA Publishing  (Aug. 6, 2014)

Cyanobacterial blooms in Thailand waters contain microcystin (MC) hepatotoxins that are a risk to animal and human health. The biodegradation of MCs is a safe and natural method of removal from water. The [Dha7] MC-LR was purified by chromatography, identified by liquid chromatography–tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS) and used for examining ...

Dyed viruses and metal particles for advanced separation studies

by IWA Publishing  (Jul. 30, 2014)

Single nanometer sized particles are poorly retained by conventional water treatment methods and are hardly detectable in water samples. The particles present a separate class of pollutants and their transport and fate cannot be studied by tracking bacteria, turbidity, free dyes or ions. Dyed bacteriophages and gold nanoparticles are two novel ...

Glass Recycling Factory - Case Study

by AMCON Inc.  (Jul. 28, 2014)

Adjusting the specification according to the dewatering target. This factory recycles glass and processes them into small pieces which can be used for making glass bottles. Nevertheless, the pieces of glass need to be washed before having been shipped to another factory where the final product will be made and this cleaning water needs to be ...

SANASA Capivari II – the first full-scale municipal membrane bioreactor in Latin America

by IWA Publishing  (Jul. 23, 2014)

The macro region of Campinas (Brazil) is rapidly evolving with new housing developments and industries, creating the challenge of finding new ways to treat wastewater to a quality that can be reused in order to overcome water scarcity problems. To address this challenge, SANASA (a publicly owned water and wastewater concessionaire from Campinas) ...

Case study - Mining equipment cleaned with Ivey-sol prior to painting. used to remove residual oils and coal dust. successful application

by Ivey International Inc.  (Jul. 10, 2014)

It was excellent, it worked very well It took all the oils and coal residues off in a fraction of the time it normally takes when using just high pressure hot water. It allowed us to clean and prep the equipment for painting in 1 verses 2 days". Post Treatment Water Following Ivey-sol Treatment of Heavy Waste-oil Contaminated Soils at a Refinery ...

Assessment of manganese removal from over 100 groundwater treatment plants

by IWA Publishing  (Jun. 25, 2014)

The aim of this study was to make an inventory of water quality and operational parameters which could affect manganese removal through aeration and rapid sand filtration and to establish correlations between these parameters and manganese removal efficiency. The focus of the overview was on manganese removal efficiency in the first ...

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