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PROFIMAT - Model JPF-ATP 1 - Auto Back-Wash Filter

by Climate Control Systems Inc

For cold water applications up to a maximum water temperature of 30C (86F), operating pressure of 22 - 150 PSI (150 - 1.034 kPa). Function: For the filtration / removal of all coarse and fine-grained physical impurities / particulate in the water supply, which are larger than or equal to in size, to the filter sieve pore size. Backwashing by way ...

Noga Lime Scale with Back Washing

by Noga WaterCare B.V.

Noga Lime Scale is built with high technology. The housing is equipped with a valve that allows backwash operation. In addition to the sediment filtration the Shilophs reduce scale build in the pipes of the house. When sediment has accumulated in the filter, a pressure reduce in the water indicates that backwashing is due. Reduces scale and ...


by Mid America Water

Mid America makes 3-cycle back-washing filters for iron removal, taste and odor, turbidity, pH neutralizing, sediment removal and dechlorination. Single or multiple tanks systems are offered.  Systems are available with differential pressure actuation, clean water backwash and more. Single and multiple cartridge filter housings are available ...

Backwashable Filter Cartridges

by Trislot N.V.

Construction: A Cartridge for a backwashable filter system consists of a slot tube, cylinder or continuous cylinder. Trislot offers these in various sizes, with FOTI or FITO filtration direction.

EVERZIT - Model BB Series - Filter Material

by EVERS e.K.

Basalt acc. to EN 15795, EVERZIT BB is a natural, broken filter material that can be used in various grain sizes for the treatment of drinking water, pool filtration and process water. EVERZIT BB is produced by a selective sorting process, washing, drying and occasionally it needs to be crushed and sieved. The shape of the grains of EVERZIT BB is ...

Automatic Backflush Filter

by ETL Verfahrenstechnik GmbH

Filtration of product liquids. Filterelements porosmet® in stainless steel or Polypropylene. Filter pore size > 25 µm. Flowrates between 10 and 15,000 l/h. Crossflow or deadend working by switch in the steering. Backflushing with compressed air, foreign liquid or filtrate.Backflushing depending on time and/or pressure drop. Very short ...

Whirled Sand Media Filter

by Ball Tech Energy Ltd

Ball Tech Energy’s sand filters have been developed especially for water filtration in contaminated water applications where sand grains adhere to each other and cause filter clogging. In such applications, simple backwashing of the grains has proven ineffective. In Ball Tech Energy’s patented filter, every single sand grain is washed ...

Clearion - Model 300 Series - Whole House Backwashing Filters

by Clearion Water Technologies

Whole house backwashing filters are ideal for distributing treated water throughout the entire house. The filter is usually plumbed before the water softener and treats the water without the use of chemicals. Proper application would be recommended for high chlorine content, low iron contamination, low sulfur contamination. A carbon filter is ...

Backwash Water Recovery

by Dioxide Pacific Consulting Engineers

Wash water from filters is usually discharged to sewer with the dual aim of removing solids from the filter media and reducing pool water TDS. It is not possible to simply filter backwash water and recycle it back to the pool, as this would create a closed circuit and cause uncontrolled increase of TDS. Normal control of TDS is achieved by ...

INTERFILT - Model SK - Gravity Filter

by ProMinent Group - ProMinent GmbH

The SK Gravity Filter INTERFILT is an open sand filtration plant with differential-pressure-controlled backwashing and integrated backwashing water storage tank. With this filter plant water can be treated extremely economically.

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