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EVERZIT - Model BB Series - Filter Material

by EVERS e.K.     based in Hopsten, GERMANY

Basalt acc. to EN 15795, EVERZIT BB is a natural, broken filter material that can be used in various grain sizes for the treatment of drinking water, pool filtration and process water. EVERZIT BB is produced by a selective sorting process, washing, drying and occasionally it needs to be crushed and sieved. The shape of the grains of EVERZIT BB is ...

Brackett Brieden - Automatic Backflushing Strainers

by Ovivo (Formerly Eimco Water Technologies)     based in Salt Lake City, UTAH (USA)

Brackett Brieden automatic backflushing strainers offer a comprehensive range of automatic industrial filters for diverse applications (including power, nuclear, pharmaceutical, paper processing, wastewater treatment, plastics and automotive industries), ensuring a pure and reliable source of filtered fluids.

Clearion - Model 300 Series - Whole House Backwashing Filters

by Clearion Water Technologies     based in Ashland, OHIO (USA)

Whole house backwashing filters are ideal for distributing treated water throughout the entire house. The filter is usually plumbed before the water softener and treats the water without the use of chemicals. Proper application would be recommended for high chlorine content, low iron contamination, low sulfur contamination. A carbon filter is ...


by Mid America Water     based in Bartlett, ILLINOIS (USA)

Mid America makes 3-cycle back-washing filters for iron removal, taste and odor, turbidity, pH neutralizing, sediment removal and dechlorination. Single or multiple tanks systems are offered.  Systems are available with differential pressure actuation, clean water backwash and more. Single and multiple cartridge filter housings are available ...

Model SPIN KLIN - Fully Automatic Disc Filters

by PEP Filters, Inc.     based in Mooresville, NORTH CAROLINA (USA)

The Spin Klin spine holds the discs. It enables compression of the grooved discs, which creates the filtration element during the filtration process. The Spin Klin discs are stacked on the Spin Klin spine. The discs are color-coded by micron size, and are assembled according to your water filtration requirements. The spine assembly has a spring ...

EVERZIT - Model N Series - Filter Material

by EVERS e.K.     based in Hopsten, GERMANY

EVERZIT N is an anthracite mined from a depth of about 1,500 m. The resources in the northernmost German coal deposit are sufficient to provide an anthracite of constant excellent quality for many future decades. Especially favourable geological processes formed an anthracite with a particularly special structure. As a purely natural product in ...

Model GP series - Backwash Candle Filter - Paper Candle

by Veeraja Industries     based in Village Shivane, INDIA

Candles are made of thicorrugated discs loaded on hollow pipe with holes. Compressiois maintained odisc with help of springs at bottom of each candle. Housing is divided i3 sections :Lower dirty section,Seperator plate,Upper cleadome,Numerous candles are mounted oseparator plate.Hollow pipe of every candle opens iUpper cleadome. Dirty fluid ilower ...

Hyde GUARDIAN - Disc Filtration With Automatic Backflush Filter

by Hyde Marine, Inc     based in Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

Hyde Marine offers in depth disc filtration with Automatic Backflush Filter Systems as part of the Hyde Marine Ballast Water Treatment System. The filter features special grooved filter disk technology. This proven 'Spin Disk' technology is the most efficient, filtration process available for high volume, difficult-to-treat wastewater streams.

Backwashable Filter Cartridges

by Trislot N.V.     based in Waregem, BELGIUM

Construction: A Cartridge for a backwashable filter system consists of a slot tube, cylinder or continuous cylinder. Trislot offers these in various sizes, with FOTI or FITO filtration direction.

Backflush Filters

by BOKELA Ingenieurgesellschaft für Mechanische Verfahrenstechnik mbH     based in Karlsruhe, GERMANY

The BOKELA Backflush Filter / Polishing Filter is an automatically operated pressure filter. It is used for the clarification / polishing filtration of high liquid flow rates with a low level of solid impurities (typical range: 100 – 300 mg/l). The filtration is performed at up to 5 bar in a pressure vessel equipped with special components. ...

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