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In-Eko - Sand Separator

by Purestream ES, LLC

In-Eko's Sand Separator is another headworks solution that will have a positive impact on your project by removing fine solids such as sand and grit. The Sand Separator helps to prolong the life of downstream equipment by removing damaging particles as well as being easy to operate and maintain. Its compact design makes it easy to include on ...

Sand Separator

by Redox Water Technology B.V. & Redox Waste Recycling B.V.

REDOX has developed a range of efficient separators to remove fast settling materials, like sand, from water. Based on the difference in specific gravity between the water and the settling materials, predictable and maximum separation efficiencies are achieved.

Aqua - Sand Separation System

by Aqua Industrial Watertreatment B.V.

The sand separator, or sand washer, is designed to extract water from the sand-water mixtures that are released in the process. By applying this solution, manual emptying of sand gutters is no longer required, thus reducing operational costs.

Defender® - Sand Separator

by Toro Equipment S.L.

The sand remover manufactured by TORO EQUIPMENT S.L. integrate the second phase of pretreatment. Their purpose is to prevent sedimentation in channels and conduits, providing protection for the rest of the plant equipment against abrasion, eliminating overloads and blockages in the following phases and reducing the cleaning tasks for ...

Sand Separators

by Yamit Europe B.V.

Sand Separators are hydrocyclone filters designed for use as head filters in agricultural and industrial settings. The sand separators hydrocyclone filters has been designed and built on the principle of free flow where water flows freely on a spiral path along the length of the filter's cylinder. As a result of the centrifugal force, waste ...

VORTEX Separators

by SATI S.p.A.

VORTEX is used to treat water containing sand and suspended solids with specific gravity superior to the water weight (Ps> -1). VORTEX can remove up to 99% of sand with dimensions over 75 microns and up to 65% with 50 microns. The separator’s design is realized to work with minimum pressure loss maintaining the best performances of the ...

GAH Global - Sand Separator & Sand Wash System

by GAH Global

How it works: The mixture of water/sand come to the upper part of the container. The floating particles are separated at the surface by a submerge plate, these are carried with the mean of a snail mechanism and are dismissed together with the carped solids and the sand almost dry to the disposal container. The clean water by overflow come out from ...

Vibrowest - Model VR - Rectangular Separator

by Vibrowest Italiana Srl

Vibrowest manufactures rectangular separators is several different configurations. Rectangular separators are ideally suited for test screening segregating solids from liquids or dry material separation can be made in various particle sizes. Vibrowest rectangular separators can be manufactured to customer specifications and specific facility ...

Yardney - Centrifugal Sand Separators

by Yardney Water Management Systems, Inc.

Yardney Centrifugal Sand Separators are ideal for removal of suspended solids and inorganic materials with a specific gravity of 2 or greater. This highly effective system will provide consistent, simple removal of inorganic material down to 75 microns. Easily installed, these carbon steel units are rated to 150 psi with threaded or flanged ...

DEWA - Model S-S - Sand Separators (Grit Classifier)

by DWT Group Oy

The DEWA S-S sand separator (grit classifier) is designed to separate quick-settling solid matters from wastewater and convey them by means of a spiral conveyor.

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