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Static Sieve


Static Sieves are self-cleaning fine screens which can produce a filtration level screening quality, operating by gravity without the need for actuating equipment. This screen type is used especially in the treatment plants of such industries as textile, pulp and paper, food processing and alcohol production.

Internally Fed Rotary Sieves


Internally Fed Rotary Sieves that are manufactured for very fine screening of settleable solids come under the fine screens group. They consist of a rotary sieve made of perforated sheet-iron or wire wire, a bedding system, water distribution weir and water blowing system. It presents a completely closed structure, thus totally preventing such ...

Externally Fed Rotary Sieves


Externally Fed Rotary Sieves are manufactured with the aim of fine screening of floating solids and they can be safely utilised in domestic and industrial wastewater treatment plants as well as the treatment of process waters from various industries such as leather, food processing, paint, textile, pulp and paper, sugar.

PWL - Spiral Sieve

by PWL GmbH & Co. Anlagentechnik KG

In one screening system with one drive only the PWL Spiral Sieve HXS offers three functions. Besides sieving and separation of solids from waste and process water the screenings are conveyed and dewatered at the same time from the screening area for further direct discharge into a container or into a downstream conveyor unit, for example into a ...

VoR - Roto-Sieve Drum Screens

by VoR Environmental

VoR Roto-Sieve Drum Screens separate solid particles and fibres from liquids. The drum screens are based on proven technology with a self-cleaning function that delivers very good results and minimizes maintenance.With high operational reliability, a long service life and low energy consumption, VoR Roto-Sieve Drum Screens are a proven good ...

BDi - Wedge Wire Sieve Screens

by B. Deo-Volente, Inc.

BDI stainless steel screens are used in static sieves in a variety of flat, curved and cylindrical styles depending on your specific requirements. Static stainless steel sieves are the screens of choice in many applications because they have no moving parts allowing you to achieve high efficiency and dewatering.

D.P.Engineers - Model D.P.Engineers - Sifter sieves , multimill screen

by D.P.Engineers

Sifter sieves , multimill screenwe offer steel sifter sieves and multimill screen that are made up of stainless steel.1. SS 304, 316 waibro sifter sives (8 mesh to 200 mesh) non molding size :- 12' dia, 24'dia, 30'dia, 36' dia, 48' diasizes :-300mm dia, 305mm dia, 550mm dia, 610mm dia, 910mm dia, 1220mm dia ...

sell Sieve bend screen

by haixing wedge wire filter factory

Haixing filter company is a major manufacture and supplier of stainless steel filtration products for professional end-users in the world.It is equipped with modern machines and latest technology for the manufacture of high quality welded wedge wire screens in various shapes and size .Our sieve bend screens are mainly used for liquid/solid ...


by Waste Tech inc

The Roto-Sieve drum screen consists of a rotating perforated drum with an internally mounted transport screw which transports the separated solids out of the drum. The drum rotates on trunnion wheels and is operated by a cog gear motor. The incoming water is fed into the drum by means of an inlet pipe which distributes the water over a large area ...

ARMES - Model ARM-SCR-4000 - Screens and Sieves

by ARMES Wastewater Technologies Ltd.

ARMES manufactures screens and sieves in stainless steel, galvanized and epoxy coated carbon steel for various application of water and wastewater treatment.Bar spacing should be between 10-80mm for screens and 250µ-2mm for sieves.

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