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BONO ARTES - Cooling Water Filtration

by Artes Ingegneria SpA     based in Peschiera Borromeo, ITALY

Water is by far the preferred cooling medium because of its chemical-physical properties. In particular when evaporative cooling towers are used, water is regularly added (Make-Up) to compensate the losses due to the evaporation in the cooling tower and the losses from the circuit to keep the chemical-physical characteristics of the circulating ...


by Waterworks Technologies Inc.     based in Calgary, ALBERTA (CANADA)

Waterworks supplies a large variety of filtration systems to meet any water or wastewater treatment needs.

Model TSA- SERIES - Cooling Water Filters

by Diamond Water Systems Inc     based in Holyoke, MASSACHUSETTS (USA)

Diamond Water Systems, Inc. manufactures high quality side-stream cooling tower water filtration systems that remove very fine contaminant particles down to 0.25 micron.

Model KWA-50 - Filter Element

by Separ of the Americas LLC     based in Fort Lauderdale, FLORIDA (USA)

Filter element for the KWA-50 fuel water separator. Usually ships within 1 business day.

Novatek - Model 6200 Series - Water Filters

by Water Group     based in Fridley, MINNESOTA (USA)

The Filter configuration you need on the best valve in the market. Exclusive Novatek composite electronic meter control valve with a 7 year guarantee. High filter backwashing flow rate of up to 17 GPM. Heavy duty mineral tanks with a lifetime guarantee. LED displays time of day, remaining capacity in days and regeneration cycle in progress. ...

Water Filter Sump Bowl

by Ozark Filters     based in Bentonville, ARKANSAS (USA)

Replacement Sump Bowl for water filter cartridges. These are clear sump bowls to easily view the water filter cartridge inside.

WhiteWater - White Countertop Water Filtration System

by WhiteWater Concepts     based in Culver City, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Countertop water filtration systems give you healthy drinking water without the expense of installation. Systems hook up to your tap water faucet with an adapter and your filtered water is drawn from the diverter into the faucet spout. (NOT FOR USE with wide-mouth faucets); only for use with cold water. 5-micron carbon block water filter reduces ...

NanoCeram - Filters

by Argonide Corporation     based in Sanford, FLORIDA (USA)

NanoCeram filters utilize a highly electropositive filter media that rapidly adsorbs particles, no matter how small. As a result, each NanoCeram electropositive water filter has a high capacity for particles as large as tens of microns or as small as  a few nanometers (submicron and colloidal). The nature of electropositive attraction is such ...

Hydrosil - Model HS-300 - Water Filtration

by Hydrosil International     based in Elgin, ILLINOIS (USA)

Media to remove anionic compounds including phosphates and nitrates. The liquid phase filtration media HS-300 shall be 8 x 14 mesh zeolite impregnated with Naphthalkonium chloride. The density of the product shall be 57-59 pounds per cubic foot.

Hydrosil - Model HS-100 - For Water Filtration

by Hydrosil International     based in Elgin, ILLINOIS (USA)

Hydrosil HS-100 is a molecular sieve of zeolite. This particular zeolite is called clinoptilolite. Hydrosil offers the HS-100 in two standard U.S. Tyler screen mesh sizes, 4 x 6 and 6 x 8. The molecular ration of silicon to aluminum is 4.9. The bulk density of the material is 49-51 pounds per cubic foot. The hardness on the Mohs Scale is 4.0 and ...

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