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Product Rentals

by Waterra USA Inc.     based in Bellingham, WASHINGTON (USA)

Today, many companies prefer to avoid the capital expense of equipment — especially field equipment. This saves on insurance and maintenance costs. However, having the right tools always produces better results on the job and usually produces them faster as well. That's why Waterra makes some of its more popular equipment available to its ...

Testwell - Water Level Meters

by Pioneer Groundwater Monitoring Products Ltd.     based in Edmonton, ALBERTA (CANADA)

Infra-red refraction is used to detect liquids and conductivity is used to detect the water. For heavy viscous oils, detect water sensitivity quickly by increasing the external sensitivity control. For high conductivity water (brine) decreasing the sensitivity control prevents bridging so a moist probe is not detected as being in water. While all ...

Water Level Recording

by Wallingford Environmental Surveys Ltd.     based in Wallingford, UNITED KINGDOM

The accurate recording of water levels is often a requirement either on its own or alongside other measurements or activities. This may be for short-term deployments during bathymetric surveys for example, or longer-term monitoring for environmental studies of inland waterways. The Hydrosphere ‘HydroTide’ pressure sensor and logger ...

Hydro-Logic - Monitoring Services

by Hydro-Logic Ltd     based in Bromyard, UNITED KINGDOM

Hydro-Logic have a strong track record in all aspects of the practice and technology associated with hydrometry, the monitoring of the water cycle, and we are widely acknowledged as the UK's leading independent hydrometry practitioners. Our experience and reputation is such that we are the sole providers of training programmes for hydrometrists to ...

Monitoring Services

by MOS Grondmechanica B.V.     based in Rhoon, NETHERLANDS

Monitoring of the variation of the groundwater level and pressure (divers, BAT-sensors). Deformations of soil constructions, like road embankments, large diameter storage tanks and buildings next to construction pits, support and supervision of pile driving and other foundation projects, support and supervision of sanitation projects, monitoring ...

Water Temperature Monitoring Services

by Premier C & D Ltd     based in Cheshire, UNITED KINGDOM

A requirement under HSE L8 Guidelines states that domestic tap temperatures be maintained at certain levels for both hot and cold supply and storage.

Tide Recording

by Wallingford Environmental Surveys Ltd.     based in Wallingford, UNITED KINGDOM

Recording of water levels is often needed to relate other activities to a particular tidal state. In particular they are used to reduce bathymetric depth data to the required height datum. Typical instruments utilised by WES are illustrated below.

Meter Management

by Miya S.a.r.l.     based in J.F Kennedy, LUXEMBOURG

Meter Management includes a detailed plan for meter selection, testing, maintenance and replacement in order to minimize meter under-registration and consequently maximize revenues. By improvement of meter reading and data transfer, the billing chain can lead to very fast increases of the billed volume and increased revenues. Apparent losses ...

Soil Erosion Services

by Group PHB     based in Boisbriand, QUEBEC (CANADA)

Erosion is a natural event caused primarily by the weather phenomena. The erosion of the grounds takes several forms and has positive and negative impacts. Most researches are carried out to correct the negative impacts of erosion, often caused by human activities. Coastal erosions caused by tidal effects are usually monitored on a regular basis. ...

UVineo (Low Pressure)

by Nedap Light Controls     based in Groenlo, NETHERLANDS

UVineo is an intelligent multiple lamp solution for low pressure UV lamps that combines high efficiency power conversion with intelligent controls and preprogrammed lamp characteristic settings for optimal lamp life. The “green quest” for more energy efficient systems has led to a new generation of low pressure lamps with power ...

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