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S-Cap-Air - Supplied Air Respirators (SCBA)


This compressed-air emergency escape device provides 15 minutes of life-saving respiratory protection in extremely toxic or oxygen-deficient environments. Featuring fast, automatic activation, fluorescent protective carrying bag, and three liters of 200 bar compressed air, this device is ideal for use on ships, off-shore oil rigs, refineries, ...

2400 - Drillteam Water Utility / Gas Utility Leak Detection

by SIMCO Drilling Equipment, Inc.

The SIMCO 2400 Drillteam is a unique drilling system combining both percussive and auger drilling methods. Ideal for locating water main breaks or gas leaks, this all-hydraulic package teams the street surface penetrating ability of a percussive drill with the soil augering of a rotary drill. The result is a faster, simplified, and more cost ...

Land Based & Fixed Offshore Platform Sewage Units

by redFox Environmental Services Inc.

Three Chamber Process: Aeration: Supports naturally occurring bacteria that eliminates the waste. Clarification: Causes the separation of the bacteria sludge from the treated water. Disinfection: Eliminates the presence of any living bacteria before discharge of the effluent into the environment.

DESMI - Wastewater Treatment Plants


Transport and treatment of waste water are important tasks in a modern society. The waste water must be transported from residential areas and industrial companies to the waste water treatment plant, that need to optimise the way it treats wastewater with the least possible impact on people and nature. Transportation of waste water is full of ...

Water Sensor

by Optisense

The global market for the monitoring of drinking water quality is a very high profile and high growth market. The worldwide need for clean drinking water increases rapidly. The demand for clean drinking water exceeds the supply. Water companies are looking for more efficient manners for the winning of drinking water. At the same time, sources for ...

Prepaid Card Water Meters

by Shenzhen Star Instrument Co.,Ltd

Prepaid Card Water Meters and water management system. DN15,20,25,2',etc. Metrological class B. From Water Meter Division of STAR INSTRUMENT, top brand worldwide,biggest manufacturer of utility meters in China.

E-Series - Water Meters

by Badger Meter Inc.

Each year, municipalities and utilities lose millions of gallons of water, and millions more in revenue, due to leaks and inaccurate, faulty equipment. With the introduction of the E-Series meter, Badger Meter is taking steps to see that those days become a thing of the past. Designed for water utility metering applications, the E-Series meter ...

WPL - Transportable Wastewater Treatment Modules

by WPL Ltd

Upgrade your system, cover an emergency, supplement existing plant or use while you refurbish - WPL provides a range of transportable treatment plants for either additional biological treatment or temporary use. These are available for short or long-term hire and are regularly supplied to our customers within water utilities, commercial and ...

Flownetix - 300 series - Fully Electronic Water Meter

by Flownetix Limited

Unique, the world's first fully electronic water meter at a price comparable to mechanical meters.Water revenue metering around the world is often problematic in that discontinuous water supply and intermittent pumping causes significant quantities of air to become entrained into the supply lines to the extent that mechanical meters frequently ...

Potable Water Systmes

by Ultra Clean Water Solutions

We provide potable (drinking) water for individuals in the home, for Multiple Dwelling Units (MDUs), hotels, condos and apartment buildings. Our systems can filter utility water, well water, or grey water and transform that water into Ultra-Clean drinking water. Even in industrialized areas of the planet, water water may contain unhealthy and even ...

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