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MarineFAST - Model M- & MX-Series - Marine Sanitation Devices

by Bio-Microbics, Inc.     Distributor in Fredonia, WISCONSIN (USA)

MarineFAST M- & MX-Series Type II Marine Sanitation Devices (MSDs) to treat all blackwater and greywater generated on board.  The MarineFAST M- & MX-Series System were designed specifically for installation where space and access for installation are limited. Both the M-Series and MX-Series require no special training or expensive ...

MarineFAST - Model LX-Series - Marine Sanitation Devices

by Bio-Microbics, Inc.     Distributor in Fredonia, WISCONSIN (USA)

MarineFAST Systems, are powerful, flow-through, Type II (two) Marine Sanitation Devices that are biological (aerobic digestion) treatment systems. Tested in conditions described in 33 CFR 159.121, the MarineFAST LX-Series Marine Sewage Treatment Systems are built to handle extreme environments.  All MarineFAST LX-Series units are fully ...

Aquatech BioCORE - Fluidized Bed Bioreactor Technology

by Aquatech International Corporation     Office in Hartland, WISCONSIN (USA)

An Advanced Biological Process that Provides Results While Also Reducing CAPEX and OPEX. Our BioCORE Fluidized Bed Bioreactor technology utilizes a specially designed media, which due to its unique shape and extremely high active surface area, has been proven to achieve water quality compliance in challenging industrial wastewater applications. ...

Aquatech HERO™ (High Efficiency Reverse Osmosis) Technology

by Aquatech International Corporation     Office in Hartland, WISCONSIN (USA)

HERO™ (High Efficiency Reverse Osmosis) is a reverse osmosis technology, specially designed to treat high silica and difficult to treat water and wastewater. The process has an excellent potential for treatment of cooling tower blowdown where conventional reverse osmosis (RO) is generally considered to be ineffective or unreliable. In some ...

Steamflood Enhanced Oil Recovery(EOR) Process

by Aquatech International Corporation     Office in Hartland, WISCONSIN (USA)

In a Steamflood Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) process, steam is injected in the well, lowering the viscosity of heavy oil suitable for extraction through the production wells. The fluid from the wells is a mixture of oil, water and gas and goes through a separation system to separate the three. The separated produced water is heavily contaminated ...

Storm-water Inlet Protection

by Construction Fabrics & Materials     based in Cottage Grove, WISCONSIN (USA)

Storm-water inlet protection devices are temporary practices designed to prevent suspended sediment from entering drainage systems such as culverts, catch basins, and storm sewers.  Inlet Protection is critical, because it is often the last treatment measure that the stormwater receives before it enters receiving waters.

Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP)

by Aquarius Technologies Inc.     based in Port Washington, WISCONSIN (USA)

In addition to offering diffuser systems to meet any aeration capacity or process, Aquarius Technologies offers complete waste water treatment plants and sewage treatment systems for flows in the 250,000 gpd range or less. These systems can include pre-treatment, secondary clarification, pumps piping and valves. Let Aquarius Technologies be your ...

Model SW-ROS - Compact RO Water Treatment Plant

by Solar Integrated Systems (SIS)     based in Greenfield, WISCONSIN (USA)

SOLAROP-SW-ROS class offers complete compact RO water treatment plant fully operated by solar energy to process  surface source water up to 10000 TDS at various capacity from 200 to 50,0000 people.

Biotifx™ - Model Petro - Petrochemical Industry Wastewater Treatment

by Microbial Discovery Group (MDG)     based in Franklin, WISCONSIN (USA)

Biotifx™ Petro is designed with strains chosen specifically for TPH, BTEX, GRO and DRO degradation and the heavy chemical loads of the petrochemical industries. Biotifx™ Petro improves the resiliency of biological treatment systems that are treating refractory compounds to help operators maintain continuity of treatment ...

Industrial Wastewater Treatment System

by Watertech of America, Inc.     based in Greenfield, WISCONSIN (USA)

When you choose WATERTECH, you’re not just investing in a vendor or a partner. As stewards of innovative water management, we’re 100 percent vested in helping you efficiently manage discharge from your facility to ensure compliance, keep you up and running, and ultimately protect the environment.

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