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RP-30 - Radar Profiler

by Sommer Messtechnik

Mobile and contact-free measurement of surface velocity profile on rivers, especially under flood conditions.


by SMHI International Consulting Services

The HBV model is a well-known model for the calculation and modelling of flows. The calculations are carried out on a calibrated river with observations for water level and volume of discharge and with observations and forecasts for precipitation and temperature. IHMS is the user interface which makes the modelling work easier.

Evaporative Cooling Systems

by Metito

Inhibitors to control scale, corrosion and fouling in all types of evaporative cooling water systems with makeup waters including zero hardness RO product, through tertiary treated effluent, river water, brackish waters and high hardness borehole water, modelling of makeup waters under the conditions present in your system to select the most ...

Famouss - TL Series - Single-Stage, Single-Suction, Horizontal Centrifugal Pump

by Hebei Famouss Pump Co.,Ltd.

TL type pump is single-stage, single-suction, horizontal centrifugal pump, and mainly used as a wet FGD device absorbing tower circling pump, with advantages of wide range, high efficiency and energy saving. This series of pump, with compact structure of the X type bracket, can greatly save space compared to other slurry pump. Meanwhile, we have ...


by OTT Hydromet

The C2 Small Current Meter is used for measurement of flow velocity at low water levels, e.g. in laboratories, river models, small canals, falajs, outfall ditches, etc. The highly precise, reinforced spindle bearing as well as a non-contact signalling system give the possibility for measuring flow velocities as of 0.025 m/s. Minimum depth of water ...

SMR Series RS485 - Smart Digital Transmitter

by Aquas INC.

The SMR smart digital transmitters have been developed especially for use in liquids for pressure, differential pressure, hydrostatic level and water quality measurement such as free chlorine, PH, ORP, temperature, conductivity, resistivity, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, salinity, suspended solid, humidity and analog input. The smart digital ...

Flows and Tides

by SMHI International Consulting Services

Bridges and road culverts are subjected to considerable stresses during extreme flow events. Our calculations can be used as a basis for dimensioning and impact assessments and can even show the impacts of a changing climate.

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