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Stevens - Model PG-III - Pulse Generator

by Stevens Water Monitoring Systems, Inc.     based in Portland, OREGON (USA)

The Stevens Pulse Generator III (PG- 111) accepts water level input and provides up or down electrical pulse outputs at an external barrier strip. The PG-III is normally used as an input device for the Stevens Telemark 11, the Pulse Logger or the Multi-Logger. However, it can also be used to drive any up and down-counting device (counter, logger ...

Babbitt - Model MLS-4EX - Multi-Point Float Level Switch

by Babbitt International, Inc.     based in Houston, TEXAS (USA)

The model MLS-4EX series level switches are a simple and reliable way to sense fluid levels. Magnetic floats actuate a reed switch at each switching point. In the explosion proof housing are terminal blocks to provide simple field wiring. Switches can be ordered Normally Open, Normally Closed or DPDT. The switch points are fixed on the probe for ...

Changeover Float Switches

by Gizmo Engineering     based in Seneca Castle, NEW YORK (USA)

Changeover float switch has two circuits, one of which is always 'closed' This can be useful for changing between a green or red light for example. The LS-1022 changeover float switch is an extremely compact: just 16mm diameter x 19 mm high. 1/8' NPT threads. The float is all polpropyelene. 1/8 inch NPT threads.

Double Vertical Float Switch

by Gizmo Engineering     based in Seneca Castle, NEW YORK (USA)

Double vertical float switch - all polypropylene wetted parts. No flimsy o-ring. Floats are reversible. Float diameter only 19 mm in. Floats are separated by 25 mm. M8 threads.

Flanged Top External Caged Liquid Level Switches

by Magnetrol International, Inc.     based in Downers Grove, ILLINOIS (USA)

Flanged external cage type level switches are completely self-contained units designed for side mounting to a tank or vessel with threaded, socket weld or flanged pipe connections. In hundreds of industrial applications throughout the petroleum refining, petrochemical production and power generation markets, these switches have demonstrated their ...

Boiler & Water Columns External Caged Liquid Level Switches

by Magnetrol International, Inc.     based in Downers Grove, ILLINOIS (USA)

Boiler and Water Column Liquid Level Switches are single or multi-switch units that offer versatility and reliable operation in a variety of applications. Available with up to three switch mechanisms for level alarm, control, and shutdown functions, the boiler and water column controls are designed for use in steam boiler applications.

Conery Mfg. - Model 2900 - Conery Normally Open Float Switches

by Aqua Technology Group     based in West Chester, OHIO (USA)

Versatile normally open float switch for most float switch applications like lift stations, sumps pits, pumps, reservoirs, cisterns, irrigation and septic systems. Available in narrow angle and wide angle switches with multiple bulb and cable length options. Mercury and Mechanical switch versions available.

TUFFYII - Side-Mounted Float Switch

by Magnetrol International, Inc.     based in Downers Grove, ILLINOIS (USA)

The TUFFY II Buoyancy Level Switches are float-actuated devices designed for horizontal mounting in a tank or vessel through threaded or flanged pipe connections. The compact size allows for installation in small vessels, while its many features provide a variety of application uses. The single switch mechanism is available in SPDT or DPDT forms ...

Model FT-100 - Water Level Sensor

by Automation Products Group, Inc.     based in Logan, UTAH (USA)

The FT-100 water level switch gives value with high quality at a low cost. If budget is your primary concern, the FT-100 can give you effective single point alarming and control with a small price tag.

Model 621 / 721 - Top Mounted Level Control Switches Lead Displacers

by Shand & Jurs (L&J Technologies & L&J Engineering)     based in Hillside, ILLINOIS (USA)

The Omnitrol Model 621 single stage controls and the Model 721 two stage controls are 'special purpose' top mounted level switches of the fixed differential type. The feature which sets these level devices apart from other top mounted controls is the lead displacers that are suspended on a stainless steel beaded chain for the purpose of ...

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