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Babbitt - Model LG-Series - Liquid Level Gauge

by Babbitt International, Inc.     based in Houston, TEXAS (USA)

The Babbitt LG-Series magnetic level gauge consists of a float chamber, a float, and an external indication device. The float chamber is basically a column of 2 1/2 inch pipe with process connections to match those of the storage tank, reactor, drum, column or other equipment where level is to be measured. These connections may be side couplings ...

Shand & Jurs - Model 92051 - Marine Tank Level Gauge

by Shand & Jurs (L&J Technologies & L&J Engineering)     based in Hillside, ILLINOIS (USA)

Over the years Shand & Jurs has provided the marine industry with more float-type gauges than any other manufacturer. Level measurement instruments operating on bulk carriers, product carriers, crude carriers, chemical carriers, ore/bulk/oil carriers, and LNG carriers provide us with the expertise required for the safe handling of liquids for ...

Model K9900 Series - Level Gauge

by Kenco Enginering     based in Tulsa, OKLAHOMA (USA)

The patented K9900 Series Level Gauge features an innovative casting design which will simplify the installation process and eliminate other typical problems associated with gauge glass. The K9900 Series incorporates floating misalignment unions, which will allow the process connection centerlines to vary +/-1/4'. The gauge also has integral ...

Model T1S - Level Gauge

by Intra-Automation GmbH     based in Grevenbroich, GERMANY

The ITA-T1S Liquid Level Transmitters, vertically mounted in the tank and cable-connected (3-wire) to a remote receiver operates on the float principle. A float guided on a non-magnetic tube follows the level of the liquid surface, thereby actuating the reed switches located inside the tube by means of a built-in magnet system.

Magnetic Liquid Level Gauges

by Contec GmbH Industrieausrüstungen     based in Bad Honnef, GERMANY

High-quality, accurate and reliable liquid level gauges. Direct indication of the liquid level, using a magnetic coupling system. Simple and leak-tight installation. Compact and robust construction. Applications in agriculture, the chemical industry, the petro-chemical industry, marine industry, off-road vehicles, heavy-duty transport, ...

Mechanical Liquid Level Gauges

by Contec GmbH Industrieausrüstungen     based in Bad Honnef, GERMANY

Well-proven mechanical transmission of liquid level. Reliable direct indication of liquid level. For use in water-like liquids and fuels. Simple installation. Compact and robust construction.

GSI - Model 2550 - Magnetic Level Gauge

by Gauging Systems Inc.     based in Sugar Land, TEXAS (USA)

The GSI-2550 is a low cost mechanical tank gauge for tanks 24 feet in height or smaller. The gauge is a closed system and is not affected by exposure to vapors or product while the tank is in service. There are no guide wires, tapes, top or bottom anchors, thus, no in tank servicing required.

OTT Maximum Level Gauge

by OTT Hydromet     based in Kempten, GERMANY

The maximum level gauges show the highest tide wave / surface water level by color marking. They are maximum level indicators for preservation of evidence and offer exact data for a later treatment of a flood event. In a measuring cylinder made of safety glass there is a 1 m long glass-fiber reinforced plastic measuring rod with cm-E-partition and ...

Glass Tube Level Gauge

by PHÖNIX Messtechnik GmbH     based in Frankfurt, GERMANY

Glass tube indicator for installation on condensation tanks, reservoirs, fire sprinkler tanks, water supply tanks etc. The level gauge may be equipped with automatic closing ball, which closes the valve in case of glass breakage. Required is an operating pressure of min. 2 bar.

Model LG40 - Reflex Level Gauge

by IGEMA GmbH     based in Münster, GERMANY

The reflex level gauge is a direct level gauge which can be used for steam boilers and containers. In the sight opening, the water level is indicated dark and the steam light. The product corresponds to the PED directive 97/23/EEC art. 3 par. 3 SEP. (Sound Engineering Practice). Applied rules as per TRD/AD2000 or ASME Boilers.

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