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Myron-L PoolPro - Model PS6FCE & PS9TK - Handheld Water Quality Analysis Tool

by Myron L Company     based in Carlsbad, CALIFORNIA (USA)

POOLPRO does the job of up to 9 tests in one easy to use instrument: Monitor Disinfectant. Residuals -Determine Water. Balance Corrections -Calibrate Equipment -Ensure Proper TDS. Levels in Saltwater. Chlorine Generation. We are proud of the trust our handheld instruments and monitor/controllers have earned. We have continued to build on that ...

HORIBA - Model F-50 Series - Benchtop Multi-parameter Water Quality Meters

by HORIBA Europe GmbH     based in Leichlingen, GERMANY

Years of HORIBA sensor technology development have reached their culmination in the form of a 46-mm diameter sensor probe: a compact monitoring solution offering high pressure tolerance, long-term continuous measurement capability and highly accurate, simultaneous analysis of 13 parameters.

YSI - Model 6600 V2 - Multiparameter Sonde

by YSI - a Xylem brand     based in Yellow Springs, OHIO (USA)

Make the most of your environmental monitoring. The YSI 6600 V2 data sonde is the most comprehensive water quality monitoring equipment available with simultaneous measurement of conductivity (salinity), temperature, depth or level, pH/ORP plus.

Water quality monitoring station

by Logotronic GmbH     based in Vienna, AUSTRIA

We supply automatic stations, equipped with:- Single sensors for high accuracy measurements (i.e. water conductivity)- Multiparameter probes for the measuring parameters conductivity, pH, ORB, Turbidity, dissolved Oxigen, algae- Measuring station combined with automatic water samplerPlease send your requirements. We will configure an optimal ...

YSI - Model EXO 2 - Advanced Water Quality Monitoring Platform

by YSI Hydrodata - a Xylem brand     based in Yellow Springs, OHIO (USA)

YSI has used its long experience in water quality monitoring to develop the ultimate multiparameter sondes for challenging marine and freshwater conditions. Users can choose the new EXO1 sonde, with ports for 4 sensors, or the new EXO2 sonde, with 6 ports and a central anti-fouling wiper. Parameters include: Temperature, Conductivity, Depth, ...

KL-027 multi-parameter Water Quality Monitor

by Kelilong Electron Co.,Ltd     based in Fuan, CHINA

KL-027 multi-parameter Water Quality Monitor - Model KL-027

KL-026 multi-parameter Water Quality Monitor

by Kelilong Electron Co.,Ltd     based in Fuan, CHINA

Technical Specification Model KL-026 Measuring Range PH:,,0.00~,,14.00 PH℃,,:,,-50℃,,~,,70℃,, (-58℉,,~,,158℉,,)EC:,,0.00~,,19.99ECCF:,,0.0~,,199CFTDS:,,10~,,19990ppm Resolution PH:,,0.01PH℃,,:,,

DelAgua - Bacteriological Kit No 3

by DelAgua Group     based in Marlborough, UNITED KINGDOM

The Bacteriological Kit No. 3 was originally put together for UNICEF and is currently being used across the world as a solution to water testing challenges. The kit includes the Oxfam-DelAgua Single Incubator which was designed for microbiological water monitoring via detection of indicator organisms such as E. coli, cholera, salmonella and other ...

Model SW-1 - Storm Water Test Kit

by Hach Company - a subsidiary of Danaher Corporation     based in Loveland, COLORADO (USA)

Storm Water Test Kit a Water Quality Multi-Parameter Kit - Model: SW-1. Model SW-1 with Color Discs and pH Pocket Pal(TM) Tester: The Storm Water Test Kit is ideal for on-site or laboratory monitoring of storm sewer outflow and industrial discharge. The kit includes all includes all necessary reagents and apparatus for monitoring detergents, total ...

Model DH-1 - DEHA Test Kit Color Disc, 100 Tests

by Hach Company - a subsidiary of Danaher Corporation     based in Loveland, COLORADO (USA)

DEHA Test Kit a Boiler/Cooling Water Multi-Parameter Kit - Model: DH-1. Boiler / Cooling Water: N, N-Diethylhydroxylamine (DEHA) replaces hydrazine and its derivatives as a oxygen scavenger in steam generation systems. Proper maintenance and economy of operation of modern boilers and cooling towers require a careful balance between water quality ...

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