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Hanna Instruments - Model HI-9828/10 - Multiparameter Water Quality Meter, 10m Cable

by DelAgua Group

The HI-9828/10 Multiparameter Water Quality Meter comes with a 10m cable. The HI 9828 Multiparameter Portable Meter is a comprehensive analytical instrument, capable of measuring up to 13 critical water quality parameters (6 measured and 7 calculated), including pH, EC/TDS, ORP, DO, atmospheric pressure, and temperature. Some of the most advanced ...

Hach - Model 2100P - Turbidity Meter

by Argus-Hazco

Laboratory-grade performance, in the field - The 2100P Portable Turbidimeter combines microprocessor-controlled operation and Hach's patented RatioTM optics to bring greater accuracy, sensitivity and reliability to field testing. The two-detector optical system compensates for color in the sample, light fluctuation and stray light, allowing ...

Orion - Model 230A - Temperature Meter

by Argus-Hazco

The 230A pH Temperature meter is ideal for performing routine field pH measurements. Includes a built-in electrode storage sleeve and cable management. Calibration is easier and more accurate using two-step auto calibration with built-in buffer recognition, buffer/temperature tables and automatically calculated and displayed electrode slope ...

YSI - Model 85 - SCT Meter

by Argus-Hazco

Simultaneous Oxygen, Salinity and Temperature measurements are now possible with the new YSI 85 Meter. The large, backlit LED screen can be easily read in any light, and will always show you the Temperature, along with your Dissolved Oxygen, Conductivity, Temperature-Compensated Conductivity or Salinity reading. Screw-on membranes are easy to ...

Model Aquaprobe - Aquaread Water Quality Meter

by Geotech

The new hand-held meter from Aquaread Ltd is the most sophisticated yet easy to use multi-parameter water quality test system. The reader is rugged, waterproof and small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.

Solinst - Mini Water Level Meter

by Argus-Hazco

The Solinst Mini Water Level Meter uses a choice of probe designs, attached to a permanently marked polyethylene tape, fitted on a well-balanced reel. It is powered by a standard 9 volt battery housed in an easy-access battery drawer. The conductors embedded within the tape each have seven strands of stainless steel for strength and flexibility. ...

Testwell - Oil Water Interface Meter

by Argus-Hazco

Testwell's Oil/Water Interface Meter provides .008% or better accuracy with a detection limit of 0.20'. Probe diameter is 5/8' and the 200' Kynar coated tape is marked at 1/10 ft and 1/100 ft. Comes on a tough aluminum reel.

Slope Water Level Meters

by Argus-Hazco

The Slope water level indicators are used to monitor water levels in standpipes and wells. The indicator consists of a probe, a cable with laser-marked graduations, and a cable reel. The hub of the cable reel contains batteries, electronics, a bright LED lamp and a beeper. The operator lowers the probe into the standpipe or well. When the probe ...

HORIBA - Model OM-51 - Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meter

by HORIBA Europe GmbH

This field-type dissolved oxygen meter measures dissolved oxygen concentration (DO), oxygen concentration (O2), saturation (SAT.RATIO) and temperature of water solutions. It uses a laboratory sensor to enable BOD measurement. Waterproof construction enables use at virtually any measurement site. This meter is being used in research institutions, ...

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