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Grey Water Recycling

by Green Park Consultancy Limited     based in Tunbridge Wells, UNITED KINGDOM

Grey Water Recycling – The collection of water from lightly contaminated secondary water or bath, shower or laundry waste water to be re-used for various applications such as toilet flushing, laundries,irrigation, cleaning, vehicle washing etc. Green Park Consultancy with a head office in Tunbridge Wells supply Grey Water Recycling systems ...

RECycler - Water Recycler Cleaning Process System

by J. Hvidtved Larsen A/S     Office in Coalville, UNITED KINGDOM

RECycler technology is your optimal choice for jetting of water mains, regardless of whether you need to remove blockages, carry out preventative cleaning, clear new sewers of construction gravel and the like, or if you are cleaning prior to guided camera inspection and relining. Jetting water is continually reused in a RECycler unit from J. ...

Shale Gas Water Treatment

by DPS Global     based in Portishead, UNITED KINGDOM

Shale gas extraction produces large volumes of wastewater from hydraulic fracturing process in addition to produced water from the formation itself. This wastewater can contain high concentrations of dissolved solids, NORMs and other potential pollutants.

ESD Waste2Water - Above Ground Wash Water Recycling System

by ESD Waste2Water, Inc.     Office in Barlaston Staffs, UNITED KINGDOM

ESD Waste2Water, Inc. manufactures scalable closed loop wash water recycling systems. Our wash water systems have interchangeable parts offering a multitude of wash area setups to match your needs. The self contained Above Ground Parts Washing System is equipped with fork lift guides so the system can be easily relocated when necessary.

Above Ground Water Storage Tank

by LS Systems Ltd     based in Tarleton, UNITED KINGDOM

The most popular way of collecting water to re-use is by using an above ground water storage tank, the amount you can collect from the rainfall is un-limited and is only determined by the holding capacity you select to use, most nurseries or garden centres have greenhouses or storage buildings which allow the collected water to be diverted through ...

Water Storage Lagoons

by LS Systems Ltd     based in Tarleton, UNITED KINGDOM

If a large water storage capacity is required then a water storage lagoon is a choice for consideration, the excavated earth is used to make a banking on which a PVC aquatex liner is installed, the main advantage with a reservoir liner is that it can be made to fit any rectangular or square dimension. The water collection can be channeled from ...

ESD - Biological Wash Water Recycling System

by ESD Waste2Water, Inc.     Office in Barlaston Staffs, UNITED KINGDOM

ESD’s biological wash water recycling system is designed to decontaminate waste water from the washing of industrial equipment or parts. This environmentally friendly wash water recycle system employes a biological remediation process that uses biological agents to remove or neutralize contaminants from polluted soil or water. ESD’s ...

ESD Waste2Water - Model 750 - In-Ground Wash Water Auto Recycler System

by ESD Waste2Water, Inc.     Office in Barlaston Staffs, UNITED KINGDOM

The Model 750 wash water recycle system is designed to handle the washing needs of large parts washing operations. For optimal performance the Model 750 is designed to be used in conjunction with ESD Waste2Water’s pre-engineered Solids Separation System and in-ground sump. The Model 750 can readily be modified to accommodate remote hose ...

AMP - Grey Water Recycling Systems

by AMP Water Recycling Limited     based in Waddingham, UNITED KINGDOM

AMP grey water recycling systems are prevellant in the residential, commercial and industrial markets. We have tremendous experience within these sectors and in some instances use a combination of water recycling products to achieve water quality levels set by the client and in accordance with consent limits dictated by either water companies or ...

Greywater Recycling System

by Ecozi Ltd.     based in Harbury, UNITED KINGDOM

Greywater is usually defined as used water from basins, baths and showers. Sometimes the definition includes water from the kitchen sink, dishwasher and washing machine but water from these sources contains much higher levels of bacteria, grease and solids.

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