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AquaFence - Semi - Highly Cost-Effective Demountable Flood Protection

by AquaFence AS

AquaFence is based on technology developed and tested in Norway, in cooperation with the University of Life Sciences. The systems are approved by The Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE), as well as flood protection authorities in several other countries.

FloodAngel - Anti-Flood Airbrick Replacement

by UK Flood Barriers Limited

It is the most efficient and effective airbrick replacement on the market. Its superior design is passive and it is self-activated by only one moving part. Designed to replace a standard airbrick it allows air to freely pass through complying with BS493:1995, but under flood conditions its self-activating gate will automatically shut off.

Longitudinal Structures

by Maccaferri Group

Longitudinal structures are hydraulic structures with their length parallel to the river flow. These structures are often built on, or supporting, existing natural banks and typically extend for a considerable distance. They are used for a variety of purposes, such as: erosion control,control of meandering,containment of the normal flow ...

Fusegates Systems

by Hydroplus

Fusegates provide an alternative solution – with technological and economic benefits – to conventional systems (radial gates, flap gates, inflatable dams and fuseplugs for example). Fusegates provide a modular solution made up of independent units installed side by side on the dam’s spillway crest. The modules are linked by ...

Tsunami Barrier

by Global Flood Defence Systems

The twin-wing Tsunami Barrier is the ultimate solution to protect lower situated and densely populated coastal areas.

3-W - Floline Triple Wall Profiled HDPE Pipe

by Weida (M) Bhd

The FLOLINE 3-W pipe is ideal for underground or aboveground gravity and low-pressure applications in the civil works, drainage, wastewater management and agriculture sectors. Superior in quality and performance compared to the common single or double-walled HDPE pipes available in the market today. The triple wall construction provides the pipe ...

Filtrexx - Living Walls

by Filtrexx Canada Inc.

Filtrexx Living Walls can be made on site using Filtrexx FilterSoxx and custom filling with a backfill Growthmedia and seed of your choice. The Living Wall is not recommended for load bearing situations. However, it is a excellent choice for stream banks, road sides, parking lot abutments, headwalls for culverts and other areas that offer ...


by Hose Manufacturers (Pty) Ltd

As water begins to play a more significant role in all of our lives, understanding the implications is of the utmost importance to each and every one of us. Few aspects of our common life can be more important than water. Water is critical to the growth and prosperity of a nation.Boreline is at the forefront of the advances leading towards the ...

Willowstick for Mapping Groundwater Preferential Pathways

by Willowstick Technologies LLC

The Willowstick Technology is a quick and nonintrusive way to identify, map and model preferential groundwater flow paths. Like an Angiogram that enables medical personnel to “see” flow paths of blood inside the human body, the Willowstick method is able to quickly render either 2D or 3D maps and models of groundwater flow paths. ...

Power Generation & Distribution Systems

by Scipar, Inc.

Scipar, Inc. provides modern and efficient solutions that offer automatic control and monitoring of hydroelectric plants. By developing and implementing state-of-the-art human machine interface technology, Scipar provides clients with the capability that allows system operators to observe a system’s current status and make control changes as ...

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