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Turb 430 IR/Turb 430 T - Portable Turbidity Meters

by WTW GmbH - a xylem brand

The portable turbidity meters Turb 430 T and Turb 430 IR offer turbidity measurement acc. to DIN/ISO and US EPA from 0-1100 NTU with lab accuracy. This makes them ideal instruments for applications in drinking, well and ground water, detecting low particle content, being the carrier of bacteria and viruses. Additionally it is used in monitoring of ...

STORM Guardian

by Casella

STORM Guardian is an early warning system that mitigates the risk to lives and property from the increasing incidence of high intensity rainfall and subsequent flash flooding.  Based on a proven tipping bucket rain gauge (TBRG) connected to a GPRS enabled datalogger, it operates autonomously for up to seven years on a single battery.

Raineo - Rainwater Management System

by Pipelife International GmbH

Due to global climate changes we experience excessive rain, long periods of drought, heat and flash flooding. The direct consequences of flash floods and the lack of water management solutions are erosion, water pollution and even higher taxes. With the patented Raineo solution of which Pipelife is now proud to offer, we will be able to capture, ...

Stevens Stellar - ST2500-C - ORBCOMM Low Earth Orbiting (LEO) Satellite Transceiver

by Stevens Water Monitoring Systems, Inc.

The Stellar ST2500-C is an ORBCOMM low earth orbiting (LEO) satellite transceiver and data recorder capable of sending and receiving two-way alphanumeric packets, similar to two-way paging for the LEO satellites that provide worldwide geographic coverage. There are four operational modes: transmit for burst uplink transmission, receive for ...

Level TROLL - 400 - Water Level Data Logger

by In-Situ, Inc.

The maintenance-free Level TROLL 400 measures and records water level, pressure, and temperature and is available in four pressure ranges—from 30 psia to 500 psia.

Stormbox - Eco Systems

by Pipelife International GmbH

The STORMBOX is an innovative new product that finds its main application in rainwater infiltration and storage solutions. General application areas: Per building. Per group of buildings. Per build area, behind the road gullies. As a transport system in line to open water. As a buffer, box wrapped in a wa-terproof textile. As a delay in a clean ...

MSP - 1110 WCPC - Water-Based Condensation Particle Counter, 3 L/Min

by MSP Corporation

The Model 1110 WCPC is a new condensation particle counter using water as the working fluid. The unique single-flow mixing mechanism of the Model 1110 induces condensational growth to detect particles as small as 10 nm at a sample flow rate of 3 L/min, all within a package of modest size. This is accomplished by a rotating flow of a warm saturated ...

Water Reservoir & River Monitoring

by Solid Applied Technologies Ltd.

Remote level monitoring and alerts for water tanks, rivers and reservoirs.

TruBlue - 585 CTD - Water Resources Monitoring

by Measurement Specialties, Inc.

The MEAS TruBlue 585 CTD is our next generation of submersible level and conductivity measurement transducers designed to withstand the harshest conditions. The MEAS TruBlue 585 CTD incorporates highly accurate sensors with internal battery power and power-conserving microcomputer technology enabling logging of conductivity, level and temperature ...

Fusegates Systems

by Hydroplus

Fusegates provide an alternative solution – with technological and economic benefits – to conventional systems (radial gates, flap gates, inflatable dams and fuseplugs for example). Fusegates provide a modular solution made up of independent units installed side by side on the dam’s spillway crest. The modules are linked by ...

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