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Precellys - Evolution - Flexible Homogenizer

by Bertin Technologies - Laboratory Equipment

Precellys Evolution is the universal tissue homogenizer gathering high flexibility and high efficiency for either routine or R&D projects. Super flexible, fast and efficient: The Precellys Evolution offers optimal robustness, safety, efficiency and flexibility. Especially designed for L3 laboratories, the Precellys Evolution is based on 10 ...

Thermo Scientific - Flash 2000 - Nitrogen / Protein Analyzer

by CE Elantech, Inc.

The Flash 2000 is an automated, accurate, and reliable method to determine Nitrogen/Protein in a variety of samples (food, beverage, agriculture, marine science, etc.) using sample weights up to 1 gram (depending on the nature of the sample).

Thermo Scientific - Flash 4000 - Combustion Nitrogen/Protein Analyzer

by CE Elantech, Inc.

The Flash 4000 is an automated, accurate, and reliable method to determine Nitrogen/Protein in a variety of samples (food, beverage, agriculture, marine science, etc.) using sample weights over 2 grams.

Chelsea - Plankton Sampler

by Chelsea Technologies Group

The Chelsea Plankton Sampler provides a modern replacement for traditional sampling mechanisms such as that used in the Continuous Plankton Recorder (CPR) programme of the Sir Alister Hardy Foundation for Ocean Science (SAHFOS). It is ideally suited for use in undulating bodies such as the Chelsea Technologies Group NνShuttle, to enable ...

EcoMaster - SDWA Compliant Zero Lead Material Construction

by Master Meter, Inc.

EcoMaster represents Master Meter’s latest innovation in the science of material design and construction. The EcoMaster exoskeleton is constructed of AL43400 marine grade aluminum with an electro-deposition paint process that retains all of the structural benefits associated with a classic rigid meter body yet not found in competitive ...

Marine Turbine - Implementation

by Oceana Energy Company

Oceana's CTO has devoted the last decade to designing a turbine expressly suited for the challenges of a marine, salt-laden environment, starling with a fresh sheet of paper and out-of-box concepts. Seven years ago his design caught the eye of the US Navy's Naval Surface Warfare Center resulting in a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement, ...

Marine Switchboard and Control Systems

by Industrial power Systems Inc

For trouble-free performance in the unforgiving marine environment, IPS Marine is dedicated to the design and manufacturing of electrical monitoring control and distribution systems for the marine industry. IPS Marine has designed and built switchboards and control systems for research vessels, US Navy ships, US Coast Guard vessels, US Army Corps ...

Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC)

by Makai Ocean Engineering, Inc.

Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) is a process that can produce electricity by using the temperature difference between deep cold ocean water and warm tropical surface waters. OTEC plants pump large quantities of deep cold seawater and surface seawater to run a power cycle and produce electricity. OTEC is firm power (24/7), a clean energy ...

iTOC-CRDS Isotopic Carbon Analyzer System

by Picarro, Inc

The iTOC-CRDS Isotopic Carbon Analyzer combines an OI Analytical total organic carbon (TOC) analyzer with a Picarro G1111-i Cavity Ring-Down Spectrometer (CRDS) to measure organic carbon (TOC), inorganic carbon (TIC), or total carbon (TC) along with the isotopic ratio of 12C and 13C carbon (δ13C). This combined technique supports the ...

UV Germicidal Water Purification

by Light Sources, Inc.

Germicidal UVC water purification offers a safe, effective and cost-efficient alternative to chemical treatment. With no harmful byproducts, its worldwide use is critical for eco-systems and reducing pollutants in rivers, oceans and other bodies of water.

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