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River Water Monitoring

by Modern Water - Monitoring Division

Monitoring of river water is essential to maintain water quality. Human activities and products are almost exclusively responsible for pollution. Industrial sites, urban infrastructure and development, agriculture, transport, and deliberate or accidental pollution all adversely affect river water quality. Geology also plays a significant role with ...

Net Tech Gross Pollutant Trap

by Kristar Enterprises, Inc.

The Net Tech is a versatile device that can be fitted to outfalls to retain trash and debris in a wide variety of situations. Net Tech have been fitted in beach, river, canal and creek situations. The Net Tech is easily installed and requires no structural changes to the existing stormwater system. The device can be fitted close to specific areas ...

River Water Improvement

by Pollution Engineering Sdn.Bhd.

Apart from industrial wastewater and sewage, PEMSB also provides technological solutions to improve quality of rivers and ponds in Malaysia.

UV Germicidal Water Purification

by Light Sources, Inc.

Germicidal UVC water purification offers a safe, effective and cost-efficient alternative to chemical treatment. With no harmful byproducts, its worldwide use is critical for eco-systems and reducing pollutants in rivers, oceans and other bodies of water.


by Argent Consulting Services, Inc.

Storm water is simply rain water or melted snow that runs off the land and into rivers, streams, and lakes. When storm water flows through industrial sites it may accumulate pollutants and transport them into national waterways where they can impact wildlife, restrict swimming areas, and affect the navigability of the nation’s waters.

Scavenger - Model 2000 - Pollution Decontamination Vessel

by EcoJump LLC

The Scavenger 2000 pollution decontamination vessel is the most effective pollution control and water maintenance vessel available in the world today. Capable of processing up to 28,800,000 gallons of water every 24 hours per vessel, the Scavenger provides unequaled pollution mitigation and decontamination capabilities of aquatic environments.

Trashmesh Boom As Water Pollution Prevention

by Granite Environmental, Inc

Trashmesh Boom, also known as trashmesh log boom, to control floatable debris as water pollution prevention. Used to control Styrofoam pollution and debris in lakes, rivers, spillways, and reservoirs. Made from galvanized or stainless steel.

Lake and Harbour Restoration

by Aeration Industries International (AII)

Natural water bodies - from inland lakes, river systems and harbor ecosystems - are the final collectors for the pollution man sheds into his environment. With population growth and industrial development, they are becoming seriously polluted at an alarming rate due to the discharge of industrial and domestic wastes into these natural water ...

On-line Ozone Water Treatment

by Air Tree Ozone Technology Co.

Water from tap water, rain, river, lake, well or groundwater, for domestic or agricultural use could be disinfected by one of the following methods such as filtration, distillation, ultraviolet lamp and boiling. However, those methods have the drawbacks of limited output quantity, and the water can¡¦t be used on line immediately. ...

Blake Hydram - Powered Water Pumps

by Allspeeds Ltd

Back in the mid 1800’s John Blake created a water powered pump that was capable of moving water from one place to another using only the energy contained in a flowing stream or river. Today, the Hydram is still as effective as ever and is capable of supplying water to remote houses or communities, provide water for livestock and allow ...

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