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Water Sampling Station DMC01

by Lutz-JESCO America Corp.     based in Rochester, NEW YORK (USA)

Continuous measurement and display of water parameters free and combined chlorine (pH compensated), pH value, ORP, and temperature.

Stormwater Sampling

by New Pig Corporation     based in Tipton, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

For storm water sampling that helps you stay in compliance with environmental regulations, try New Pig's line of storm water control and storm water sampling products. Make them part of your storm water pollution prevention and storm water management efforts.

Aquacell - Model S200 - Stationary Wastewater Sampler

by Aquamatic Ltd     based in Irlam, UNITED KINGDOM

The Aquacell S200 is the simplest of the Stationary Refrigerated Wastewater Samplers in the Aquacell range. Where an indoor refrigerated Sampler is required for a secure location the S200 is the perfect solution. The Aquacell S200 can be used with any one of the non Integral range of Sample Collection Vessels. Having separate Sampler and ...

Model Strio-E - Proprietary, Water-rich, Surface Modified Polymeric Sorbent

by StrioChem Technologies, Inc.     based in Rancho Santa Margarita, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Strio-E is a proprietary, water-rich, surface modified polymeric sorbent that extracts acidic, basic and neutral analytes from bio-fluid and other aqueous samples. A unique and revolutionary outer (Hydrophilic) surface and non-polar inner (Hydrophobic) backbone allows exceptional phase transfer of analytes into polymer backbone. This revolutionary ...

Lao Ying - Model 5020 - Intelligent Rainwater Sampler

by China Qingdao Huankong Equipment Co,.Ltd.     based in Qingdao , CHINA

It's used to sample the falling dust and rainwater.It has the rainwater sensor.The water bucket is continuous temperature.It has the remote data transmission.The logging data is stored in computer.

ExposMeter - Model EWH-Pest - Hydrophilic Pesticides Water Sampler

by Exposmeter AB     based in Tavelsjö, SWEDEN

The new device, described as a POCIS (Polar Organic Chemical Integrative Sampler) and marketed under the name of ExposMeter hydrophilic, is used to monitor hydrophilic contaminants that could be potentially endocrine-disrupting or acutely toxic. These compounds include pesticides, prescription and OTC drugs, steroids, hormones, antibiotics, ...

ExposMeter - Model EWM-Hg - Mercury Water Sampler

by Exposmeter AB     based in Tavelsjö, SWEDEN

A passive, integrative tool for measuring metal concentrations in water. EWM series samplers based on DGT (Diffusive Gradient Thin Films) technology. It is a method for quantitative measurement of metals in aquatic environments. The technique is based on a simple device which accumulates trace metals on a binding agent after passage through a ...

Model TS-2000 - Automatic Stormwater Sampler

by TeleDevices, LLC (TDL)     based in Duluth, GEORGIA (US) (USA)

This is a rugged and reliable sampler which has all the features of TS-5000 model except wireless communication. Size of this sampler is 16' x 12' x 7', much smaller compared to the TeleSampler. These affordable and reliable samplers can be modified for taking waste water samples based on the level, flow or time intervals.

Lowe Engineering - Steam & Water Sampling Systems

by Lowe Engineering Limited     based in Leeds, UNITED KINGDOM

The following will give a simple overview of sampling systems. A sampling system will consist of all the equipment required to present an analyser with a conditioned, clean representative sample of the process stream and to dispose of that sample.

Model VSR - Stationary Vacuum Fluid Samplers

by Manning Environmental Inc.     based in Georgetown, TEXAS (USA)

The VSR Stationary sampler is the refrigerated version of the VST and has the same advantages. This unit isn't damaged by hard particulates such as sand or pebbles, and varying water levels won't affect the accuracy of the sample; even with changing head height, sample volume repeatability is 0.5%. Anti-Clog technology helps prevent blockage ...

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