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Applied Materials - Vacuum Coating

by EnviroChemie GmbH Technology for Water

Process Water and Waste Treatment for the Solar Branch, Vacuum Coating, Thin-Film Cells.

Water Purification

by Fluid Dynamics International Ltd

Water purification is made easy and affordable at Fluid Dynamics.  Here at Fluid Dynamics, we specialise in providing the solutions to all manner of water treatment problems.

Acid Cleaning

by Fluid Dynamics International Ltd

Acid cleaning to remove limescale caused by hard water is dangerous and harmful to equipment.

Hard Water Treatment

by Fluid Dynamics International Ltd

Hard water treatment is made easy at Fluid Dynamics, the first choice for a range of solutions to any water problems that you may be experiencing, including pipe blocking due to water hardness.  We specialise in water softening with an array of innovative ideas.

Waste Water Cost Reduction Guarantee

by Environmental Services by Daniel L. Theobald

WASTEWATER COST REDUCTION SERVICES at www.wastewateranswers.com. They include:1.Enhance wastewater treatment quality at reduced overall cost. (http://www.esdlt.com/costreduction/)2.Site specific Services (http://www.esdlt.com/sightspecificservices/)3.Contract Dan Theobald’s Wastewater Operators License as ...


by Environmental Services by Daniel L. Theobald

Water conservation strategies / www.ConserveOnWater.com Specific strategies; Save and Safeguarding water, Recycling & Reusing Water, Waste Management and Cost & Flow Reduction http://www.esdlt.com/conserveonwater-pr-12072012-by-esdlt/

Water Softening Service

by Voltea B.V.

Voltea CapDI is a chemical-free, low-cost and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional water softening systems. Voltea has developed a Point of Entry (POE) device for residential use in cooperation with Pentair, a global leader in water treatment solutions. The POE system will be the first to offer consumers the benefits of a reverse ...

Emergency Services

by Rainbow Water Services Ltd.

Rainbow Water Services has nearly 20 years of experience responding to clients that have urgent or emergency situations.This may include dealing with hygiene matters such as positive Legionella results that require emergency disinfection, prompt remedial works, tank cleans or installation of secondary disinfection treatment programmes or ...

Whole Home Reverse Osmosis

by EcoWater AZ

Tough all over:Constructed of high strength Xyron® plastic for corrosion resistance and temperature extremes – provides years of reliable service.Dual RO membrane configuration ensures the ultimate in water filtration. The specially formulated filters virtually eliminate all the contaminants. Essentially, this salt-free solution will ...

Water Conditioners & Softeners

by EcoWater AZ

Did you know that the Valley has some of the hardest water in the nation? Hardness is tough on our appliances and reduces the effectiveness of our water.EcoWater Systems designs various types of Arizona water softener and conditioner products because not all water is created equal. Our locally, family owned dealership utilizes their extensive ...

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