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Hard Water

by Air & Water Quality, Inc.     based in Freeport, MAINE (USA)

Hard water is the result of the dissolved minerals Ca (calcium) and Mg (magnesium). These minerals become less soluble at high temperatures and form a white precipitate (solid). This characteristic is what causes most of the problems with hardness. Probably the most recognizable symptoms of hard water are soap scum in the tub and shower, and hard ...

Water Softening Service

by Voltea B.V.     based in Sassenheim, NETHERLANDS

Voltea CapDI is a chemical-free, low-cost and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional water softening systems. Voltea has developed a Point of Entry (POE) device for residential use in cooperation with Pentair, a global leader in water treatment solutions. The POE system will be the first to offer consumers the benefits of a reverse ...

Water Softeners

by Paradise Environmental Services     based in Surat, INDIA

Exists in significant areas of the country. Water softeners remove hard undesirable dissolved minerals that result in annoying white scales on fixtures, appliances and piping. Softening the water produces immediate benefits - reduce usage of soap & detergent, cleaner clothes, and better tasting food and beverages.  

Hard Water Treatment

by Fluid Dynamics International Ltd     based in Maidenhead, UNITED KINGDOM

Hard water treatment is made easy at Fluid Dynamics, the first choice for a range of solutions to any water problems that you may be experiencing, including pipe blocking due to water hardness.  We specialise in water softening with an array of innovative ideas.

Hard Water Problems

by Fluid Dynamics International Ltd     based in Maidenhead, UNITED KINGDOM

Hard water problems are easily solved with help from Fluid Dynamics, providing solutions for corrosion, furred up pipes, clogged pipes and limescale problem descaling.  Here at Fluid Dynamics, we offer a wide range of solutions for all manner of hard water problems in order to make it more suitable for everyday activities such as laundry and ...

Water Conditioners & Softeners

by EcoWater AZ     based in Chandler, ARIZONA (USA)

Did you know that the Valley has some of the hardest water in the nation? Hardness is tough on our appliances and reduces the effectiveness of our water.EcoWater Systems designs various types of Arizona water softener and conditioner products because not all water is created equal. Our locally, family owned dealership utilizes their extensive ...

Water Softeners

by CAI Technologies     based in Frederick, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

Purchasing water softeners can be a daunting task with so many different manufacturers and varieties to choose from. Here we will explain the water softening process, and describe the various types of water softeners available and their function.

Hard Drive Recycling

by TechWaste Recycling, LLC     based in Santa Ana, CALIFORNIA (USA)

At Tech Waste Recycling we believe strongly in saving the planet by doing what is right. To do business with us, the cost is small but the environmental benefits are big. Hard drives or Hard Disk Drive (HDD) is commonly used to store data. This device stores almost everything from computer operating system up to regular files. Since a hard drive ...

Water Softeners Services

by Three Counties Water Ltd     based in Bolnhurst, UNITED KINGDOM

Hardness in water is caused by naturally occuring salts of calcium and magnesium which are found in varying degrees in all water sources. The higher the concentration of the salts the 'harder' the water is. Hard water not only makes washing with soap and detergent more difficult and costly but also produces scale/limescale when heated. Heating ...

Water Softeners Services

by Rainbow Water Services Ltd.     based in Ashford, UNITED KINGDOM

Water softeners are used widely for industrial and domestic applications to remove the naturally occurring hardness present in mains water. They are particularly good for cooling system and boiler make up.

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