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Scum Baffles

by JC-Fabrications, LLC

Scum baffles have one of the least glamorous jobs in the treatment plant.  They retain the solids floating on the water surface inside the clarifier and prevent their escaping over the weir plates.  Their job isn't glamorous, but it is essential to keeping TSS within range.  JC-Fabrications Scum Baffles come in standard 12' lengths ...

Floatation Machine

by Zhengzhou Jintai Mining Machinery Co. Ltd

We manufacture all kinds of flotation machines,such as, XJ type flotation machine, A type flotation machine, SF type flotation machine, JJF type flotation machine, XJ type flotation machines, flotation Techinque, the price of flotation machine. Flotation Machine is used to rough and fine process of ferrous, nonferrous and nonmetal mine. Nowadays, ...


by Envirocern Inc.

Electrocoagulation is a popular (and more recently used) term used to describe an age-old process that involves passing water between two or more electrically charged metal electrodes to promote the coagulatation of suspended solid contaminants. The process has been proven effective for a wide range of contaminants, including oils, grease, ...

Anaerobic Treatment

by CST Wastewater Solutions

Wastewaters from the food and beverage industry, pulp and paper mills and from chemical industry are often highly loaded with organic pollutants and can be advantageously treated by anaerobic processes.

PWT - Primary Produced Water Treatment

by Alderley plc

The primary treatment of produced water in itself involves multiple technologies – from upstream sand removal utilising solid/liquid hydrocyclones at wellhead conditions through multi-phase separators and collection vessels to further solid/liquid and liquid/liquid hydrocyclones. Our deoiling and desanding hydrocyclones use the latest ...


by Ecosolids International Ltd

The CELLRUPTOR process has been developed by Eco-Solids International Limited as a cell disruption process, principally for the pre-treatment of feedstock prior to the anaerobic digestion of the sludge.

Anaerobic Digestion

by The Low Carbon Innovation Network

Introduction to on-farm ADIs AD feasible for me?Funding and IncentivesProfitabilityExperiences in Germany and the UK

Drain Covers

by SlipNOT - Metal Safety Flooring

SlipNOT slip resistant floor drain covers are designed for applications where durability and safety are critical. Many food processing plants utilize SlipNOT stainless steel drain covers to keep workers safe in a wet and slippery work environment.

SpillZone - Model ADC36-R - Drain Cover

by SpillZone Environmental Supplies

Tough and Reversible: This tough but easy-to-handle DrainCover is made of solid polyurethane. It's tacky on both sides, so either can be used for forming a tight seal to block contaminants.

Model UP400S - Ultrasonic Processor

by Hielscher USA, Inc. - Ultrasound Technology

400 Watts ultrasonic power - The UP400S (400W, 24kHz) is a powerful and reliable ultrasonic device for the sonication of larger samples in the lab. Typical application include: Homogenization, deagglomeration, lysis and cell disintegration, protein extraction and the emulsification of liquids.

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