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AdEdge - Integrated Water Treatment Systems

by Adedge Water Technologies, LLC

With our integrated system approach AdEdge can integrate a custom treatment solution to meet your needs. Using our APU (Adedge Packaged Unit), Modular, and/or Membrane systems, we integrate pre and post treatment processes to provide a “one stop shop” approach for managing your total treatment need.

Biokleen - Non-Chemical Sterilisation System For Potable Water

by Fluid Dynamics International Ltd

The concept of ionisation has been around almost as long as civilisation. Its use became widespread during the roman era when silver was used in drinking water for sterilisation, many more cases have been seen in the pre-industrial era. Today ionisation has traditionally focussed on drinking water supplies, NASA use it on manned space missions and ...

AdEdge - Chemical Pre/Post Processes Treatment System

by Adedge Water Technologies, LLC

Pretreatment: With certain water parameters, an essential aspect of effective treatment is adequate pretreatment of the raw water before reaching the primary treatment system. This is true whether the application is for potable water, commercial, industrial, or environmental. Without proper understanding of the water chemistry and parameters that ...

Post-Ro Arsenic Cartridges

by Apyron Technologies

Two unique cartridges designed to ensure Arsenic (III) removal in residential Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems. Apyron’s post-RO arsenic reduction cartridges enable complete arsenic treatment, working seamlessly with systems already in place to remove up to 99% of total arsenic. In ...

GSE-retreat Water and Waste Water Treatment Solutions

by RD Green Smith Ecosystems Pvt. Ltd.

GSE-retreat™ division is formed to provide world-class, cost-effective water treatment, recycle & purification (both industrial and municipal) solutions to insure to check this issue in the light of present scenario.GSE-retreat™ - Sewage Treatment Plant (STP), Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP), GSE Industrial RO systems, U.V. Treatment Systems, ...



Chlorination is widely used for water disinfection. as a common practice. from all Water Works in Greece and all over the world. For the application is used commercial sodium hypochlorite (commercial bleach). which is a liquid and therefore the addition in the water stream is easy. mainly automatic.

Aslan - Potable Water Treatment Systems

by Aslan Technologies

Aslan Technologies’ long history building potable water treatment systems makes us the ideal choice for implementing your system needs. Whether you need a Design/Build solution or for Aslan to act as the General Contractor on a system that is designed by others, we will take care of all of the details. Integrating the filtration, storage ...

AEROMIX - Compact Water Treatment Systems

by RWL Water Aeromix

AEROMIX Compact Water Treatment Systems offer complete skid mounted or containerized solutions for the production of drinking or process water. Typical systems include coagulation and floculation lamella plates settling, sand and activated carbon filtration, polishing 5 or 10 micro cartridge filters, followed by chlorination or UV. Treated water ...

SYNERGY - Mobile Wastewater Treatment System

by Quanics Incorporated

The SYNERGYTM System from Quanics Inc., is a revolutionary new mobile wastewater treatment system platform. The self-contained system combines the benefits of treatment, distribution, recirculation and disinfection into a single complete pre-engineered wastewater solution.

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