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TAPI - Model T320U - Ultra-Sensitive Gas Filter Correlation N2O Analyzer

by Teledyne Advanced Pollution Instrumentation, Inc. (TAPI)     based in San Diego, CALIFORNIA (USA)

The Model T320U N2O analyzer measures Nitrous Oxide by comparing infrared energy absorbed by a sample to that absorbed by a reference gas according to the Beer-Lambert law. Using a Gas Filter Correlation Wheel, a high-energy IR light source is alternately passed through a N2O filled chamber and a chamber with no N2O present. The light path then ...

Reduction In Nitrogen And Phosphorus Levels

by Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies     based in West Midlands, UNITED KINGDOM

The Biodenipho™ process reduces to a minimum the content of nitrogen and phosphorus in wastewater in addition to significantly reducing organic matter (BOD), ammonia and suspended solids.

Nitrogen Dioxide Base Line Study

by Logic Beach Inc     based in La Mesa, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Background - During the Anthrax attacks following September 11, 2001 the U.S. Government hired a major U.S. Government contractor to fumigate the 9 story, 100,000 square foot Hart Senate Office building in order to eliminate any anthrax spores inside the building. This fumigation was done with chloride dioxide, (CLO2 ). CLO2 was applied as a ...

Precision Nitrogen Trace Generator

by Peak Scientific Instruments Ltd     based in Inchinnan, UNITED KINGDOM

Suitable for Carrier Gas and Make up Gas at trace detection limits. Generates Zero Nitrogen on demand from compressed air. Regenerative CMS columns remove Oxygen and moisture. Catalyst chamber to remove Hydrocarbons (as methane) to less than 0.05ppm. Ultra fast start-up time. Minimum maintenance with an annual filter change. Small and stackable.

Copa - Model HBNR - Hybrid Biological Nutrient Removal Process

by Ovivo (Formerly Eimco Water Technologies)     based in Salt Lake City, UTAH (USA)

With six hundred installations worldwide, Ovivo’s Copa HBNR hybrid biological nutrient removal process offers proven, economical, reliable treatment of wastewater, particularly where low effluent concentrations of nitrogen and phosphorus are required.

Odoreze - ODOREZE Eco Lagoon Odor Eliminator Spray: Treats 2,000 sq. ft

by IMTEK |     based in Alpharetta, GEORGIA (US) (USA)

According to the Department of Agriculture about 238,000 factory farms generate about 500 million tons of manure annually, three times as much as is generated by the U.S. human population. Air and water pollutants include ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, nitrogen, phosphorous, pesticides, antibiotics, hormones, particulates and pathogens such as ...

Bromine Removal System

by NORAM Engineering and Constructors Ltd.     based in Vancouver, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA)

Bromine Removal System. High Quality Chlorine Product. Plastic producers and operators of water treatment plants in the United States are concerned with bromine levels present in liquid chlorine. NORAM has developed a new bromine removal process allows production of liquid chlorine containing less than 5 mg/kg bromine, regardless of the bromine ...

ASTRASAND - TSS, Nitrogen And Phosphate Removal

by Paques B.V.     based in Balk, NETHERLANDS

ASTRASAND® is a continuous sand filter, in which the filter bed is continuously cleaned during the filtration operation. It can be applied for different purposes: for physical-chemical treatment (solids removal) and/or biological treatment (phosphate and nitrogen removal).

BIOPAQ UBOX - Anaerobic And Aerobic COD Removal

by Paques B.V.     based in Balk, NETHERLANDS

The BIOPAQ UBOX combines the removal of organic compounds with first stage anaerobic and second stage aerobic biological treatment of wastewater in one compact reactor.

Proton OnSite - Nitrogen Generator N5P

by Proton OnSite     based in Wallingford, CONNECTICUT (USA)

Nitrogen N5P bench-top generator employs PSA technology with highly efficient hydrocarbon removal columns to produce clean nitrogen from external air source. The mechanism is load following and automatically adjusts to match demand.

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