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Clay Pipe - Extruder Section-Ceramic

by Schoenbeck GmbH & Co. KG

Handling clay pipe in a 'green' status requires a great deal of experience and know-how Green pipes are soft clay pipes freshly extruded and extremely vunerable. We manipulate the pipes after cutting and cleaning of the spigot and socket end. We transfer the pipes from the extruder area to the drier cars for dry prosessing. Traditionally robotic ...

Clay Pipe - Kiln Car Loading

by Schoenbeck GmbH & Co. KG

Once the pipes have completed dipping and glazing, they are transfered further and loaded onto Kiln cars which then transfer the pipes onwards to the Kiln oven for firing. various lifting methods will be utilised pending the size OD and weight of the pipes being manufactured.

Clay Pipe - Dipping And Glazing

by Schoenbeck GmbH & Co. KG

Once ceramic clay (sewage) pipes have been dried they are transfered to a dipping and glazing section. This can be carried out fully or in a semi automated manor.

Clay Pipe - Conveyor Transportation Methods

by Schoenbeck GmbH & Co. KG

Pipes can be transfered from section to section by means of sturdy conveyor assemblies. This section shows large diameter pipes being positionsed/ lifted from horizontal to vertical positions for further pipe processing.

Clay - General Pipe Handling Equipment

by Schoenbeck GmbH & Co. KG

We have numerous handling equipment from fully automatic tools for robot installation or semi-automatic and basic manually operated lifting equipment.

Clay Pipe - Introducing Pipe Sealing To Socket And Spigot

by Schoenbeck GmbH & Co. KG

It is extremely important that stone clay pipes are water-tight sealed in order to prevent and environmental sewage polution. Various pipe seals can be utilised pending the market that is being targeted. A system that we offer is based on the 'K' pipe sealing. This type sealing is a mixture of chemical materials stored inside daily working ...

Clay Pipe - Transportation - Priming Prior To Sealing Socket And Spigot

by Schoenbeck GmbH & Co. KG

On completion of the pipe firing application pipes need to be sealed at both spigot and socket ends. Before this to happens they first need to be off- loaded from the kiln cars and transfered onto a conveyor. Depending on the pipe size, this can be carried out via Robot or other handling methods. The conveyor track assembly is fully automated ...

Densleeve - Clay Drainage Pipes

by Naylor Drainage Ltd.

The Naylor DENSLEEVE underground clay drainage system of plain-end vitrified clay pipes and fittings with flexible sleeve couplings, was developed for building drainage and associated sewerage and is manufactured to comply with the stringent requirements of BS EN295.

CanOLok Pipe

by Can Clay Corporation

Long Term Corrosion Resistance. Centuries of Performance, ask about Can Clay's 100 Year Guarantee. Highest Abrasion Resistance against Cleaning and Steep Grades. Rigid Pipe Barrel Maintains its Shape and Does Not Deform. Proven Design, Many Products have come and gone, Clay is Here to Stay. Joints exceed 10 psi pressure, ASTM C 425 and Greenbook ...

Pneumatic Pipe Lifting Manipulator

by Schoenbeck GmbH & Co. KG

Heavy vitrified clay pipe is collected from a polyurethane processing assembly (socket/ spigot sealing) and transported vertically via a pneumatically powered grip and lift pipe lifting manipulator too a conveyor band. The ergonomic and easy to operate clay pipe manipulator deletes the requirement to lift pipe by hand. The Schoenbeck manipulator ...

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