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Pipe Leak Diverters and Pipe Repair

by New Pig Corporation     based in Tipton, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

Put occupational health and safety first with New Pig's selection of pipe leak diverters and pipe repair products. It's easy to divert water leaks and repair PVC pipe leaks with our products. Choose from pipe repair patch kits, pipe repair putty, rubber hanging straps and much more. Shop the Pigalog® catalog or buy our industrial supplies online.

Stop It - Pipe Repair Clamp

by InduMar Products, Inc.     based in Houston, TEXAS (USA)

We provide a complete line of fundamental repair, connecting, and branching products. We also offer progressive engineered fittings for applications requiring special consideration. Some of these include lines that cannot be shutdown, large diameters and outlets, high or severely fluctuating pressures, exceptional line content, non-standard pipe ...

Stop It - Pipe Repair System

by InduMar Products, Inc.     based in Houston, TEXAS (USA)

The Stop It Pipe Repair System repairs cracks and leaks in Carbon steel, stainless, aluminum, copper, galvanized; PVC, CPVC, PVDF, polyethylene, polypropylene and fiberglass pipes, to name a few. Please visit the rest of our web site to learn more about the Stop It Pipe Repair System and our products.

Model 4360 - Leak Detection and Pipe Tracing System

by Goldak, Inc,     based in Sylmar, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Everything you need to get started in leak detection. The leak detector  combined with a gun style pipe locator all in one carrying case allows the convenience of locating water leaks and tracing metallic piping. Available options include: sewer line, stoppages, and septic tank locating

Leak Diverter Kits

by New Pig Corporation     based in Tipton, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

Our leak diverter kits help you keep workers and equipment protected from water leaks and water pipe leaks. We carry leak diverter kits for leaky roofs and leak diverter kits for leaky pipes. In addition, you'll find a wide variety of leak diverter kit accessories, which include clear drainage hoses, floor signs, and more. Look to New Pig when you ...

Model 99 LD-2000 - Mechanical Line Leak Detector

by Vaporless     based in Prescott Valley, ARIZONA (USA)

The 99 LD-2000 is the most requested mechanical line leak detector built today. New engineering and the Vmι two year warranty (after installation) make the 99 LD-2000 more attractive to station operators today than ever before. Not only is the 99 LD-2000 less expensive to own, it is faster and less subject to field and line variables than ...

First Response - Leak Repair Kit

by InduMar Products, Inc.     based in Houston, TEXAS (USA)

The First Response Leak Repair Kit provides everything in one box for maintenance and safety teams to quickly respond to most common leaks, cracks, and gashes in pipes, tanks, and drums. Each kit includes a small, medium, and large size of the STOP IT Pipe Repair System, five Fix Stix™ Epoxy, eighteen assorted wooden plugs, rubber hammer, ...

Model Permalog+ - Advanced Leak Noise Logger

by Fluid Conservation Systems Inc     based in Milford, OHIO (USA)

Permalog enables water suppliers to quickly and efficiently locate leaks in the water network. Loggers are deployed in areas of the distribution system to provide continuous monitoring of leakage. Easily installed on pipe fittings, they are retained in place by a strong magnet and are powered by low cost replaceable batteries. As soon as a ...

AQUASCAN - Model TM - Trunk Main Correlator

by Gutermann International     based in Baar, SWITZERLAND

The AquaScan TM has been specifically designed to accurately correlate leak positions on large diameter pipes. Leak noise propagates at lower frequencies and lower volumes on large diameter pipes and until now these leaks have been very difficult to find. With higher processing speeds of a tablet PC, new signal processing technology and ...

Single-Size Disc Plugs

by LANSAS mfg. by Vanderlans & Sons, Inc.     based in Lodi, CALIFORNIA (USA)

The Lansas Disc Plug has been around for over 40 years. Constructed of rolled channel steel, the disc plugs come sectioned to fit through standard 24' manholes for easy installation. The Lansas Disc Plug will provide a leak proof seal for construction, rehabilitation, cleaning and testing. The bladders for these pipe plugs are reinforced with 2 ...

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