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First Response - Leak Repair Kit

by InduMar Products, Inc.

The First Response Leak Repair Kit provides everything in one box for maintenance and safety teams to quickly respond to most common leaks, cracks, and gashes in pipes, tanks, and drums. Each kit includes a small, medium, and large size of the STOP IT Pipe Repair System, five Fix Stix™ Epoxy, eighteen assorted wooden plugs, rubber hammer, ...

IBAK JS - Model MiniGator - Sewer Repair System

by IBAK JS Robotics GmbH

The MiniGator can be used in pipe dimensions of 175 to 300 mm and is operated by a mobile system (or one installed within the vehicle). Just like the larger AlliGator, the MiniGator is also equipped with clamping cushions on its camera tractor for best possible traction and positioning, and with a variety of wheels and wheel fittings. It can also ...

Stop It - Pipe Repair System

by InduMar Products, Inc.

The Stop It Pipe Repair System repairs cracks and leaks in Carbon steel, stainless, aluminum, copper, galvanized; PVC, CPVC, PVDF, polyethylene, polypropylene and fiberglass pipes, to name a few. Please visit the rest of our web site to learn more about the Stop It Pipe Repair System and our products.

LMK T-Liner Shorty - System for Main/Lateral CIPP Connection Liner

by LMK Technologies, Inc.

LMK’s T-Liner Shorty system is a one-piece, structural, stand-alone homogenous Main/Lateral CIPP connection liner that extends 3 feet up into the lateral pipe. Shorty was designed for municipalities that want the connection sealed and the most value without the cost or legal issues associated with installing a cleanout. Shorty is the ...

ShieldLiner - Trenchless Pipe Lining System

by Vortex Pipes - SheildLiner Trenchless Technology

The ShieldLiner System is a new trenchless pipe lining technology being developed by Vortex Pipes Limited. Patents for the ShieldLiner System have been awarded in a number of countries and are pending in a number of others. The ShieldLiner System lines, seals, repairs and reinforces a pipe in one process step by applying a structural textile ...

Epoxy Pipe Lining

by CuraFlo

CuraFlo’s epoxy pipe lining technologies are safe, effective and proven 'in situ' solutions that restore plumbing and piping systems without the cost, time and disruption of pipe replacement. With our proprietary system, we can restore water flow without tearing out walls or excavating. And epoxy lining delivers benefits that repiping ...

IBAK JS - Model AlliGator - Sewer Repair System

by IBAK JS Robotics GmbH

The AlliGator is the largest electric cutting and grinding robot by IBAK JS Robotics for pipes with dimensions from 230 to 800 mm. The system is operated from a mobile system (or one installed into a service vehicle). The clamping cushions integrated between the upper and lower mobile housing can be filled with pressurised air where required. The ...

InsituGuard - Water Pipe Linings

by Aegion Corporation

Insituform's Close-Fit Pressure Pipe Rehabilitation System Much of the world’s drinking water pipeline infrastructure is long past its design life and in need of repair. Complete replacement of these pipes using conventional dig and replace solutions can be time consuming and very disruptive to traffic, citizens and the environment. These ...

Wrap Seal Leak Repair Kit For Pipe Leaks

by SynTherm

Wrap Seal can be used for routine or emergency leak repair, hazardous material spill control, structural reinforcement, sealing joints, rebuilding thinning pipe walls, corrosion control, abrasion protection, underwater repairs and electrical conduit repairs. Wrap Seal is a fiberglass tape coated with polyurethane resin which reacts with water to ...

NRI - Model Thermo-Wrap CF - Carbon Fiber Composite Repair System for High Temperature & Process Piping

by Neptune Research, Inc.

Thermo-Wrap™ CF is a custom engineered carbon fiber composite system utilizing a high strength, biaxial hybrid carbon and glass fiber in conjunction with NRI’s proprietary Thermo-Poxy™ epoxy system for the repair and restoration of pipes operating at elevated temperatures. This operator qualified engineered system ...

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