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Proco - Model Style 261R - Single Arch for Plastic Piping Systems

by Proco Products, Inc.     based in Stockton, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Proco Style 261R Molded Wide Arch Expansion Joints are specifically designed for use with Plastic or FRP Piping Systems. An option for the standard spool-type expansion joints, the PROCO Style 261R have lower spring forces to compress, extend or laterally offset. The PROCO Style 261R can be used on plastic or FRP pipes, pumps, valves and tanks ...

Mega-Therm - Model PPRC - Advanced Plastic Piping Systems

by Ulkumen Ardila     based in Iskenderun, TURKEY

Mega-Therm is one of the the leading brands in the development and manufacture of advanced plastic piping systems. Mega-Therm Polypropylene Random Copolymer piping has proved ideal for plumbing, heating, air conditioning system and for a wide range of industrial and medical uses.

AirRex - Plastic Piping System

by OTT System GmbH & Co.     based in Langenhagen, GERMANY

AirRex is the first plastic piping assembly designed expressly for aeration service. Itis available as a kit. The modular concept in combination with the revolutionary, patent-pending, connection and the specially designed supports allow fast installations at low costs.

Durapipe - Model SuperFLO Series - Plastic Piping System

by Durapipe UK     based in Cannock, UNITED KINGDOM

Durapipe SuperFLO is lightweight and the pipes remain extremely tough and durable even at water temperatures as low as -40ºC.The complete pipework system which is manufactured from an ABS material incorporates pipes, fittings and valves. It offers a 50-year service life as well as numerous benefits that alternative pipework materials cannot ...

STEULER-KCH - Plastic Piping Systems

by STEULER-KCH GmbH     based in Siershahn, GERMANY

STEULER-KCH is your expert for piping systems made from glass fibre reinforced plastics, either with or without a thermoplastic lining. Our materials can withstand temperatures  of up to 200 °C and are used wherever conventional materials fail at an early stage due to lack of chemical resistance.

Soluforce - Model RTP - High Pressure Plastic Pipe System

by Pipelife International GmbH     based in Wien, AUSTRIA

Soluforce RTP (reinforced thermoplastic pipe) is a high pressure plastic pipe system for use in oil flow lines, water injection and gas transport, and can also be used in other pressure applications such as potable or effluent water lines and irrigation. Soluforce can be used in on shore and off shore projects (shallow water). Soluforce is made of ...

Soluforce - Model RLP - High Pressure Plastic Pipe System

by Pipelife International GmbH     based in Wien, AUSTRIA

SOLUFORCE RLP is a new product offering from PipeLife International’s proven line of high pressure pipe systems for oil and gas field use known as SOLUFORCE RTP (Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipe). RTP has been manufactured and used extensively since 2000 with over 700 miles installed worldwide in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and S.E. Asia.

PipeMic - Pipe Searching/Leak Locating System

by F.A.S.T. GmbH     based in Langenbrettach, GERMANY

Range of Use: Home connections are usually made of plastic water pipes. The plastic water pipes reveal the leakage borne noise inadequately. This constitutes a problem for customary correlation procedures. In addition, the exact run of a pipe is often known only vaguely, which frequently leads to misdiggings.

AquaScan - Model TM2 - Trunk Main & Plastic Pipe Correlator

by Gutermann AG     based in Baar, SWITZERLAND

Powerful high-end touchscreen correlator designed specifically to find leaks on large diameter pipes over long distances – intelligent, non-intrusive and user-friendly. This correlator is currently the most advanced correlator in the industry.

Gerodur - Model PE-HD - Plastics Mouldings

by GERODUR MPM Kunststoff-verarbeitung GmbH & Co. KG     based in Neustadt, GERMANY

Company Gerodur offers in relation to the project or to requestspecial variety of segments. For the trench installation without sand backfill they are made of PE 100 RC, entirely. We are able to produce variety of these parts according to customer’s requirements.

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