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Mobile Wastewater Treatment System

by DAS Environmental Expert GmbH     based in Dresden, GERMANY

Short-term production expansions, temporary solutions for transitional stages, cost reduction through timesaving, large-scale construction sites or regions in crisis – the need for fast and flexible wastewater treatment is manifold. DAS Environmental Expert as an enterprise for environmental technology, addresses these challenges by ...

NE - Model 1000HIG - High Grease and FOG Treatment

by Natural Environmental Systems, LLC     based in Carrollton, TEXAS (USA)

NE 1000HIG, a natural bioaugmentation solution, was formulated to address the issue of high levels of fats, oils and grease. It is a proprietary blend of microorganisms that degrade FOGs, and prevent harmful buildup in drain systems, pump stations, waste water holding areas, and municipalities. Furthermore, NE 1000HIG effectively metabolizes the ...

Aquacell - Model S.300 - Industrial Wastewaters System

by Injecta S.r.l.     based in Vazia, ITALY

Standard Cabinet constructed from Galvanised Steel with 10 stage preparation process and finished in architectural, high durability white paint. Stainless Steel is also available as an option. All finishes are extremely durable and weather resistant. All key electronic equipment is housed in the upper rear compartment thus minimising exposure with ...

Flovac - Vacuum Collection Systems

by ATAC SOLUTIONS LTD     based in Maidstone, Kent, UNITED KINGDOM

Flovac systems are used for sewerage collection, they transfer wastewater from properties to treatment plants using vacuum. ATAC Solutions work with Flovac to design, supply, install and operate these environmentally friendly systems.

DEVISE - Model HighRate ΒioPlant - Packaged Wastewater Treatment Plants

by DEVISE ENGINEERING S.A.     based in Athens, GREECE

A prefabricated, highly efficient compact plant constructed in steel with heavy duty anti-corrosion surface protection and with dimensions based on the ISO freight containers, suitable for overseas transportation. The “High-Rate Bio-Plant” incorporates the innovative treatment technology of Moving Bed Bio-Reactor (MBBR) and Integrated ...

Vacuum Sewage System

by Euro Mec s.r.l     based in Porto Mantovano, ITALY

Design and construction of vacuum sewage systems which offer cost effective alternatives to traditional sewage systems for the transport of civil and industrial wastewater. The Vacuum sewage system (otherwise defined vacuum-sealed) uses the vacuum created inside a network of pipelines for the collection of sewage water and for their carriage to a ...

Manholes For Pressure Sewage System

by Termoplasting Ltd.     based in Osečina, SERBIA

Manholes for pressure sewage system are used in surroundings where gravity outlet of water is not possible because of terrain configuration (without inclination or below level of main pipe). Wastewater effluent from household is collected in a manhole. When the effluent in a manhole is collected to certain level, pump for wastewater, pump it out ...

Sewer System Rehabilitation Bottleneck

by CCI Spectrum, Inc.     based in Jacksonville, FLORIDA (USA)

The European sewerage system is rather outdated. In a large part of the over 500,000 km long German network, there is a significant need for rehabilitation. Primarily cities and communities, whose duties include waste water removal and where public sewers are often the largest job for their invested capital, are responsible for this. The ...

Source Energy System

by Renewable Resource recovery Corp.     based in Sudbury, ONTARIO (CANADA)

The @Source-Energy System is a dual sustainable energy system composed of @Source-Energy Pipes combined with an @Source-Energy Wall. The System is controlled through a heat pump with a dual plenum which upgrades low level heat extracted from the @Source-Energy Pipe and @Source-Energy wall, providing high level heating to the building and to the ...

Model KG SN 4 - Pipes and Fittings

by Magnaplast Hausabflusstechnik     based in Emstek, GERMANY

Nature is an important part of our lives and, as such, it is natural for us to protect it. The KG System (PVC) is a drainage system that complies with all the requirements on water resistance, service life and easy handling. In this way the system ensures protection of the environment from contamination by waste water.

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