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Paper mill installs APEX hose pumps for abrasive pigment dosing

by Watson-Marlow Pumps Group  (Jul. 30, 2014)

Paper mill installs APEX hose pumps for abrasive pigment dosing The Beetham, Cumbria plant of BillerudKorsnäs has replaced a progressive cavity (PC) pump with APEX10hose pump technology from Watson-Marlow Pumps ...

Verderflex Dura Hose Pump Replaces Troubled Diaphragm Metering Pump

by Verderflex Peristaltic Pumps - part of the Verder Group  (Jun. 24, 2014)

The Challenge A water treatment plant in the US state of Georgia uses several wells to provide its residents and industries with fresh water. Each well site had to be equipped with the appropriate treatment equipment to ensure that the water meets and exceeds regulatory requirements. One such well site used a diaphragm-style reciprocating metering ...

Ultrasonic level measurement: a Modern Classic!

by Endress Hauser Instruments International AG  (Jun. 12, 2014)

Radar technology has long had the reputation of being the best method of level measurement available - but does this also apply to the wastewater market? Based on its physical characteristics, radar technology certainly offers great flexibility and high performance. However, from an objective standpoint, non-contact level measurement using ...

Centrifuge Technology in Drilling Fluid Recycling

by KEMTRON Technologies, Inc.  (Jun. 1, 2014)

Drilling fluid additives and the water that contains them are an essential part and expense of successfully completing a horizontal directional drilling (HDD) installation, and the longer the bore and larger the product being installed, the more drilling fluids cost. Therefore, it makes economic sense to recycle drilling fluids by removing ...

Model evaluation of faecal contamination in coastal areas affected by urban rivers receiving combined sewer overflows

by IWA Publishing  (Aug. 7, 2014)

Odaiba seaside park is one of the most popular waterfronts in Tokyo Bay, but is easily affected by wet weather pollutant loads through combined sewer overflows (CSOs). The monitoring data of Escherichia coli clearly showed high faecal contamination after a rainfall event on 9–11 November 2007. We estimated the amounts of discharge volume ...

A simple forecast technique for estimating the statistical characteristics of water consumption

by IWA Publishing  (Aug. 6, 2014)

The forecast water consumption values are the most critical input data in the pump schedule optimization of water distribution systems. The aim of this paper is to present a simple technique which is able to estimate the mean consumption and its distribution for a given demand zone with an hourly resolution. Simplicity (low computational cost) is ...

Hydrogen Sulfide and Grease Control in Domestic Sewage Lift Station and force main by the addition of Bio-Organic Catalysts (BOCs)

by EcoJump LLC  (Aug. 19, 2014)

Abstract The wastewater from a small section of a southwestern U.S. city was studied. Concerns of grease accumulation and the increasing cost of operation year after year of a current odor control chemistry gave rise to searching for a better solution. There was evidence that grease and slime layers within the pipes and lift station were ...

Industrial Nordfjord Kjott, Norway case study

by Biowater Technology  (Aug. 19, 2014)

Project Name: Nordfjord Kjott R.A. Location: Stryn, Norway Type of Plant: Industrial Meat Processing/Slaughterhouse Technology Used: Biowater CMFF Biofilm system Biomedia Used: Biowater BWT-X Operational Since: Summer 2011 The Challenge Located deep in the ...

Balboa Island/Little Island Pump Station - Odor Control & Grease Cap Treatment case study

by EcoJump LLC  (Aug. 19, 2014)

Program Objectives Reduce Water Usage of Spray System Eliminate Formation of Grease Cap Reduce H2S Odors Prevent Insect Nesting & Reproduction Reduce Pump Out Requirements Enhance Sewage Line Maintenance Reduce Direct & Municipal Costs Basic Description of Pump Station ...

Collection system treatment with Bio-Organic Catalyst case study

by EcoJump LLC  (Aug. 19, 2014)

A Comprehensive Technology Model The use of a Bio-Organic Catalyst (BOC) offers a new green chemistry tool to solving the chronic and systemic challenges of nearly all collection systems, including: Slime Layers Noxious Odors Grease Blockages Dissolved Oxygen Levels in Sewage Wastewater Corrosion of Infrastructure ...

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