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PROCON - Model Series 5 - Booster Pumps

by PROCON Products

PROCON's Series 5 is designed and built to meet your needs for flow rates ranging from 115 to 330 gallons per hour at 250 psi. This PROCON pump maintains all the quality features and construction of our Series 1, 2, & 3 pumps. Clamp-on mounting style is shown in the photo; bolt -on mounting is also available.

Model HPI 4 - Booster Pump

by Neron Pumps

Hydraulic tools: rescue scissors, spreading tools, hydraulic high torque wrenches, rescue and lifting cylinders, tree scissors, pressing, caulking and tensioning tools.Hydrostatic pressing for sintering and production of ceramic parts. Hydraulic presses using increased pressure in the speed cycle and safe ultra-high pressure at low speed, thus ...

Model HPI 5 - Booster Pump

by Neron Pumps

In these pumps the same oil is feeding both the primary and the secondary circuits. An internal connection inside the pump allows the oil passing in the back section which is pushed in the front section and pushed in the outlet port P2.With the HPI it is possible to obtain, from a low pressure primary circuit (max 150 bar) an hydraulic secondary ...

Booster Pumps

by Innovative Material Systems

IMS Auxiliary Booster Stations are only necessary when pumping beyond the maximum pumping distance of the dredging system. Multiple booster pumps can be added to the dredge pipeline system allowing the dredge to pump the material up to several miles away if necessary. The boosters can be controlled via remote control from the cabin of the ...

Papantonatos - Booster Pumps

by Papantonatos S.A.

Papantonatos booster pumps use the technology developed to fit narrow wells. In a similar manner they can be adapted into an existing pipeline to operate as a booster pump.

Booster Pump

by Ellicott Dredges, LLC

Ellicott's heavy duty booster pump stations are designed and built for high efficiency in a wide range of dredging conditions. Each Booster station adds head to the pumping system so the dredge can maintain optimum production at longer pipeline distances.

Booster Pumps

by Custom Dredge Works Inc.

Description: A booster pump is a secondary pump added to the dredge pipeline to assist the primary pump in moving the slurry to the desired location.

Booster Station

by Dragflow S.r.l.

Projects that require a very long delivery distance, or to reach a high discharge level, might need a booster station. Submersible dredge pumps can be coupled with booster pumps to cover longer delivery distance. Boosters are powered by diesel, gas engines or electrical motors.

Booster Sets

by Caprari Pumps

Booster sets for electric submersible pumps made of stainless steel or galvanized steel for horizontal or vertical installations, well suited not only to new systems but also to existing pipelines. Caprari’s experience in making electric submersible pumps for every field of application has been applied to these niche installations and is the ...


by Nilfisk Advance

1 pump stationary cold water high pressure washers for medium to heavy cleaning. 1 pump stationary cold water unit for medium and heavy cleaning applications in agriculture, milking sheds, industry, food industry and shipping. The UNO BOOSTER is a flexible model for heavy cleaning applications. The design with stainless steel cabinet and frame ...

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