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Zenit - Model DR-Steel - Multi-Channel Open Impeller for Submersible Pump

by Zenit Europe S.A.     based in Bascharage, LUXEMBOURG

For clean water containing solids up to 12 mm. For draining rooms or emptying tanks. For water from ponds, streams or pits and for rainwater collection. General features: Deliveries 1'1/4 - 1'1/2. Motor poles 2. Passages Max 12 mm. Powers 0,25 - 0,75 kW. Multi-channel open impeller.

Zenit - Model DG-Steel - Set-Back Vortex Impeller for Submersible Electric Pump

by Zenit Europe S.A.     based in Bascharage, LUXEMBOURG

For clean or slightly dirty water, containing solids up to 40 mm grain size. For sewerage plants, livestock farms, car washes, hydrosanitary applications. General features: Deliveries 1'1/4 - 1'1/2 GAS. Motor poles 2. Passages Max 40 mm. Powers 0,37 - 0,75 kW. Set-back Vortex impeller.

Model 4" SP Stainless Steel Pumps - Borehole Pumps

by STAIRS Industrial Co. Ltd.     based in Chiai Hsien, TAIWAN

SP4' ,6' , 8' and 10' submersible pumps are made of corrosion and abrasion resistant stainless steel and have been developed in accordance with state-of-the-art technology.The SP series of pumps are manufactured to the highest standards for energy efficiency,high performance,rugged construction and long service life for the most demanding ...

SEI - Model 4 Inch. - Submersible Pump

by Submersibles and Electric Inc. (SEI)     based in Phoenix, ARIZONA (USA)

Water pumps for deep wells Submersible Pump of 4' Dia. Sized for connection to the motor according to NEMA standards. Stainless steel discharge head with built-in non-return valve. High Efficiency stainless steel Bowls and Impellers. Stainless Steel motor connector. Stainless Steel pump casing. Stainless steel pump shaft, coupling and wire guard. ...

MIZAR - VERTICAL - LOWER - Submersible Electric Pumps

by ARVEN SRL     based in Maclodio, ITALY

Rain, seepage, sump pit and catch tank water pump out.Garden and vegetable-garden mini flood irrigation system rainwater catch tank pump down.White water pump over from reservoirs and vats.Pumping dirty water with possible floating solid contents (only vox series).

Mody - Model G-500/530/550 SS - Portable Electric Submersible Pump

by Mody Pumps Inc.     based in Bakersfield, CALIFORNIA (USA)

The mody submersible pump is in itself a complete pumping station. Besides a Power supply and a discharge hose no extra equipment is required. The Complete pumpset is in a modular construction ensuring good and simple Serviceability. The major design features are as under.

Global Pump - Stainless Steel Pump

by Global Pump Company     based in Davison, MICHIGAN (USA)

Electric Submersible Stainless Steel Pumps from Global Pump are designed for service in light acid or salt water applications. The upper cover, pump casing, impeller, motor frame and motor shaft are made of 304 Stainless Steel for superior corrosion resistance. The Global Pump Stainless Steel Pump features an environmentally friendly, oil bathed, ...

Model 3`WPS Fix Speed - Pumps

by Well Pumps S.A.     based in FLEURUS, BELGIUM

The 3WPS pumps is fitted with 230 V Well Pumps’ motor and by means of the built-in frequency converter it is driven at a constant speed of 8200 RPM, 140 Hz. Every time the pump is put on supply (1~230), a soft start will be performed.

Model 3`WPS-CP Constant Pressure - Pumps

by Well Pumps S.A.     based in FLEURUS, BELGIUM

The 3WPS pump is fitted with a three phase 230 V Well Pumps’ motor. The 3WPS-CP controller needs a single-phase supply and transforms it to a three-phase current to the motor. The controller is fitted with a frequency drive and performs a constant pressure of the flow through a variable speed of the pumps. Consequently the pump can be set to ...

Model 4`WPS-CP Constant Pressure - Pumps

by Well Pumps S.A.     based in FLEURUS, BELGIUM

4WPS-CP pumps offer the following features: Pumps entirely made out of stainless steel and fits in 4 or larger drilled wells, Constant pressure with two set pressures possible, Capacity from 0,2 to 8 m³/h and a maximum head of 140 m, Motor rating up to 2 kW, 90 Hz, Single phase supply to the controller, Incorporated jam free check valve, ...

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