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Papantonatos - Booster Pumps

by Papantonatos S.A.     based in Acharnes Attica, GREECE

Papantonatos booster pumps use the technology developed to fit narrow wells. In a similar manner they can be adapted into an existing pipeline to operate as a booster pump.

Pumpex - Model Series PS and SPS - Drainage Pumps

by Pumpex     based in Johanneshov, SWEDEN

Pumpex drainage pumps are submersible to 20 m depth and have no suction lift limitations. This is superior to any self-priming system due to the fact that the pump is installed submerged in the pit. The pump does not need to be moved with varying water levels and it is designed to run dry in case the water level drops too low.

Model BBA B - Jet Pump

by Heide Pumpen GmbH     based in Gelsenkirchen, GERMANY

The B range of pumps have been designed with a clear focus on reliability, efficiency and durability. Featuring an open impeller configuration in combination with a changeable wear plate, facilitating servicing and minimising costs of spares. All B series pumps are fitted with a non return valve in the suction port, eliminating the need for a foot ...

Crisafulli Submersible Hydraulic Pumps

by SRS Crisafulli, Inc.     based in Glendive, MONTANA (USA)

Crisafulli offers 53 standard models of its hydraulic submersible self-priming pumps in sizes from 2 inches to 10 inches, with flow capacities between 200 GPM and 3,800 GPM, Total Dynamic Heads (TDH) between 10 feet and 120 feet, and Solids Passing Capabilities to 3 inches. Custom models up to 24 inches and 18,000 GPM Flows are offered too.

4-18 60 HZ Submersible Turbine Pumps

by Unitra Inc,     based in Stafford, TEXAS (USA)

High Head Design: Fewer Stages Are Required To Do The Same Job. High Quality Contstruction: Unitra Turbine Pumps Feature Stainless Steel Shafts, Bronze Impellers, ASTM A48/CL30 Cast Iron, and Superior Glass Enamelling. High-Efficiency Design: Greater Efficiency Over A Wider Range Of Flows Means Less Power Is Consumed More Models To Choose From ...

Model DPR 10 - Drainage Pump

by Subteck     based in S.Vito al Tagliamento (PN), ITALY

Single-impeller submersible pumps with jacket in stainless steel, with vertical delivery port. DPR: with open impeller. Motor cooled by the pumped water passing between the motor jacket and the external jacket. Double shaft seal with oil chamber. Minimum dimension and high levels of performance, for use in many different applications, head up to ...

Sta-Rita - Model SC5 Series - Sewage Pump

by Sta-Rite Pumps     based in Delavan, WISCONSIN (USA)

The SC5 Series pumps are rugged, cast iron, submersible pumps with a non-clog vortex impeller and solids handling capability to 2'.

Sta-Rita - Model SC4 Series - Sewage Pump

by Sta-Rite Pumps     based in Delavan, WISCONSIN (USA)

The SC4 Series Pumps are rugged, cast iron, submersible pumps with a non-clog vortex impeller and solids handling capability to 2'.

Model VQS Series - Stainless Steel Sewage Pumps

by U-Flo Pumps International LLC.     based in Seattle, WASHINGTON (USA)

SVQ/SSVQ series – all casting stainless steel submersible sewage pump, manufactured of 304SS or 316SS with casting technology, specially used for pumping corrosive water with solid particles or fibre. With closed or super vortex impeller, it is easy to discharge sewage of fibre, bags, belt, grass or fabric. Thus, the operation is reliable ...

Model PS200 C-5-4 - Submersible Water Pump for Solar Operation

by Danish Solar Energy Ltd.     based in Holeby, DENMARK

The Lorentz PS200/600/1200 HR/C is a submersible water pump for solar operation with helical rotor (HR) or centrifugal (C) pump unit, allows lift up water up to a height of 240 m and has a flow rate up to 11 m3/h. It is also easy to install, maintenance free, very reliable and has got a high life expectacy. It also enables a cost efficient pumping ...

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