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Brackett Green - Model MacerAcer - Screenings Conditioning And Dewatering System

by Ovivo (Formerly Eimco Water Technologies)     based in Salt Lake City, UTAH (USA)

Brackett Green’s MacerAcer technology: A state of the art, screenings conditioning and dewatering system for municipal sewage under license of The Haigh Engineering Company Ltd.

Screening Presses


They are used for compressing and dewatering the collected screenings, thus allowing easy and economical waste transportation. They require very little maintenance due to their simple design, sturdy casing, wear resistant press screw, bedding system and reducer withstanding all loads.

Helixpress - Shaftless Spiral Dewatering Press

by Parkson Corporation     based in Fort Lauderdale, FLORIDA (USA)

The Helixpressunit is the cost-effective solution for dewatering the screenings collected by any type of screen. It is an all-in-one conveyor, compactor and dewaterer. It utilizes a combination of drainage, compaction and dewatering to reduce weight and volume and ultimately decrease hauling and disposal costs.The Helixpressis designed to pass the ...

AQUA WashPress - Dewatering Screw Press

by Parkson Corporation     based in Fort Lauderdale, FLORIDA (USA)

The Aqua WashPress can economically and effectively wash and dewater screenings from in channel and rotating screens in a variety of applications.  The Aqua WashPress will lower hauling and disposal costs by reducing weight and volume of screenings.Organics and biosolids are commonly caught along with the appropriately screened solids. If not ...

Helisieve - Screening, Conveying and Dewatering System

by Parkson Corporation     based in Fort Lauderdale, FLORIDA (USA)

The Parkson Helisieve In-Channel Fine Screen combines fine screening, conveying and dewatering to create a highly economical system that produces screenings dry enough to take to a landfill without the need of an additional dewatering press. Screen openings are available in the standard ¼” perforations or optional 1/8”.  ...

Model ESS - Spiral Screen

by Vulcan Industries     based in Missouri Valey, IOWA (USA)

The Model ESS Spiral Screen is an automatic, self- cleaning, fine screen for primary screening in municipal and industrial sewage treatment applications. The design of the Spiral Screen allows for easy installation in new or existing facilities without channel modifications in most cases. The Spiral Screen can also be provided in a fabricated ...

Mensch Severe Duty - Bar Screen

by Vulcan Industries     based in Missouri Valey, IOWA (USA)

The Mensch Severe Duty™ Bar Screen is well known for its versatility in a wide array of pumping station and head works projects, along with setting the standard for robust design in the most severe waste water, combined sewer, and storm water applications. You cannot find a more durable screen on the market.

Model ESR - Stair Screen

by Vulcan Industries     based in Missouri Valey, IOWA (USA)

The Model ESR Stair Screen is an automatic, self cleaning, fine screen for primary, secondary or sludge screening in municipal and industrial sewage treatment installations. The screens are also ideal for industrial applications such as slaughterhouses, tanneries, breweries, and paper plants. The design of the Model ESR Stair Screen allows for ...

Model SS - Stato Screen

by Vulcan Industries     based in Missouri Valey, IOWA (USA)

The Model SS Stato Screen is a non-mechanical screening device for separating solids from liquids. Because there are no mechanical parts and the unit requires no power, these screens can be installed with minimal capital investment. With a wide range of uses the Stato Screen is ideal for municipal waste water and industrial applications.


by NOV Mono - Mono Pumps Ltd     based in Audenshaw, UNITED KINGDOM

When full extraction and washing of organic solids from inflows to sewage treatment works is needed, Mono can supply a number of solutions. Our complete extraction package comprises three combinations of Discreen, Muncher and screw extractor for screenings removal. Once solids have been screened and disintegrated by the Discreen and Muncher, the ...

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