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Traveling Band Screen

by H+R Environmental ENG`G. Co., Ltd.

The traveling band screen is a fully automatic debris removal equipment. It can remove the debris both floating on water surface and submerged in water from inlet channel in order to prevent the followed mechanism from clogging and damage. The equipment is specially designed for debris removal purpose in the intake channel of power plant and ...

Mesh - Ultrafine Traveling Band Screens

by Claro Inc

Claro is pleased to offer the CF ultra-fine traveling band screen designed specifically for water and wastewater screening applications that require an exceptionally high degree of screenings debris capture. The CF unit is ideally suited for the protection of very sensitive process equipment such as membrane technologies and floating and fixed ...

Dual Flow Traveling Band Screen

by Beaudrey

Traveling band screens are part of a water intake screening system and are positioned after the trash rakes or coarse bar screens. Traveling band screens are self-cleaning systems with operation modes that extend from fully automatic to strictly manual. Beaudrey Dual Flow Traveling Band Screens have a high rotation speed, up to 20m/min (66 ...

Thru-Flow Traveling Band Screen

by Beaudrey

Traveling band screens are usually part of water intake screening systems, irrigation systems or the pre-treatment of water. Band screens are positioned downstream from the trash rakes or coarse bar screens and before the circulating water pumps. Beaudrey thru flow traveling band screens can operate in a variety of water and have high debris ...

Travelling Band Screens


This type of screen is utilised for very fine screening following the coarse screen in stream- or sea-water intake structures. It relies on the principle of collecting screenings on sieve modules mounted on a chain and then expelling them through back-washing with pressurised water. In general, the conveyor screen consists of a frame, a chain, ...

Water Intake Protection Screen (WIP)

by Beaudrey

The Water Intake Protection Screen (WIP) was developed as an alternative to traditional thru-flow traveling band screens and can be easily retrofitted into existing openings. Its innovative design eliminates fish impingement and entrainment problems that are seen with traditional coarse mesh traveling band screens. Additionally, the Water Intake ...

Brackett Green - Model S.I.M.P.L.E. - Fish Handling Screen

by Ovivo (Formerly Eimco Water Technologies)

Ovivo manufactures fish handling band screens using the S.I.M.P.L.E.™ process for marine life recovery. The Brackett S.I.M.P.L.E. fish handling band screen is designed to meet increasing demands to reduce the environmental impacts of cooling water withdrawal on new and existing intakes (for example, new US EPA regulation 316 b). Fry ...

Front Clean Type Bar Screen

by H+R Environmental ENG`G. Co., Ltd.

Traveling bar screen is a fully automatic, continuously debris removal equipment. It is designed to remove great quantity of debris in water channel, the equipment can be used in inlet channel of wastewater treatment plant or pumping station.

Back Clean Type Bar Screen

by H+R Environmental ENG`G. Co., Ltd.

The traveling bar screen is a continuously fully automatic debris cleaning equipment especially designed for waste water treatment plant influent station, flood pumping station etc. in which the huge debris and rubbish might be accumulated.

Flexrake Self Cleaning Fine Screens: Duperon Corporation

by ACG Technology Ltd.

Ideal for food processing, winery or fish screening applications requiring very fine screening. Wedgewire screens from 0.5 mm to 6 mm. Able to handle both large and small debris. Low maintenance, especially when compared with traveling water screens. Eliminates necessity of several graduated screens.

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