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PVC Wellscreen & Pipe

by RST Instruments Ltd.

PVC Wellscreen and Pipe is a system of top-quality monitoring pipe products for groundwater hydrology, environmental, drainage, water wells, and geotechnical applications.

Boode Select - PVC Well Screen and Casing

by Boode Waterwell Systems

Boode Select PVC vertical slot screen and casing is available in 1” to 24” diameter (26mm to 630mm), lengths as required (maximum 6 metres). It can be installed to depths of 300+ metres and used in a range of applications including water abstraction wells/water wells, recharge wells, monitoring boreholes, geothermal systems, well point dewatering, ...

GRE - Water Well Pipes

by TPR Fiberdur GmbH & Co. KG

Besides our leading position for GRP-pipes and piping systems for many industrial applications such as chemical, energy and marine industry, Fiberdur is also nationally and internationally operating in the water-well industry. We supply a wide range of products made from GRP, stainless steel and from other materials related to the water-well ...

Romag - Model CSO - Screens

by ROMAG aquacare ag

The contamination of surface water resources by combined water from overflow systems and partly also from stromwater tanks, consists of all the solids which are present in the waste water. This involves a very wide range of dissolved, semi-dissolved, fiber and solid substances with different structures and specific weights (plastic strips, ...

Brackett Green - Model CF200 - Band Screen For Advanced Water

by Ovivo (Formerly Eimco Water Technologies)

The Brackett Green CF200 band screen has been designed for primary water treatment applications where screening within the range of 2mm to 10mm diameter holes is required. The range is designed and suitable for flows from 500-5000 l/sec, sumps as deep as 15m and channel widths of 1.0m and above. Brackett Green CF band screens are used at both ...

Boode - Model BGP - Gravel Coated PVC Screen

by Boode Waterwell Systems

Boode BGP is a non-corrodible gravel-coated PVC screen for water well installations in areas where suitable gravel packs are not readily available, but a sand-free water supply is essential, or where multiple aquifers are targeted   A Boode bespoke solution, ideal for the rehabilitation of damaged or corroded wells or where a smaller diameter ...

Boode - Model CSS - Continuous Slot PVC Screen

by Boode Waterwell Systems

Boode CSS PVC Screen is the only PVC continuous slot screen on the market and is the highest performance thermoplastic well screen available. It is particularly effective for water wells where the highest possible flow of water is required. An evolution from Boode Select screen, CSS offers exceptionally high percentage open areas, greater depth ...

Well Screen

by Runyuan Filtration Enginerring Equipment Manufactory

The Runze@ water well screen consists of a screen pipe with two connectors at each end of the screen pipe.The screen pipe is made by winding cold-rolled wire, approximately triangular in cross section, around a circular array of the longitudinal support rods. The wire is attached to the support rods by welding, producing rigid one-piece units ...

In-Eko - Screw Screen

by Purestream ES, LLC

The In-Eko Screw Screen is available in 304 Stainless Steel and Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic. Designed for smaller flow applications, the In-Eko Screw Screen is available with opening sizes ranging from 1 to 12 mm. Either channel mount or with a flanged connection, the Screw Screen is a combination bar screen and screw press that will keep large ...

In-Eko - Mechanical Bar Screen

by Purestream ES, LLC

The In-Eko Mechanical Bar Screen is an automated self-cleaning bar screen primarily used for headworks screening of the influent wastewater before entering the treatment plant. It has also been used in freshwater applications to screen the water before entering potable water plants. The supporting structure of the screen is fabricated of ...

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