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Self Cleaning Trash Screens: Duperon Corporation

by ACG Technology Ltd.     based in Woodbridge, ONTARIO (CANADA)

Removes large items like logs and tree stumps. Also removes matted debris like leaves, aquatic vegetation and general refuse. Ideal for harsh conditions such as fast moving or concentrated debris. Manufactured to fit existing inlets or new structures. Manual, timer or head differential actuation. Ideal protection and screening for water intakes at ...

Screening Washer Compactor: Duperon Corporation

by ACG Technology Ltd.     based in Woodbridge, ONTARIO (CANADA)

The Duperon washer compactor is an industry favourite; due to its exclusive patent-pending positive displacement technology, which eliminates clogging, bridging and jamming.

Fish Screens

by Farm Pump Irrigation Co., Inc. (FPI)     based in Shafter, CALIFORNIA (USA)

FPI Water Screens Company has developed an innovative method to manufacuture Self Cleaning Fish Screens that exclude fish and augment the removal of debris. By effectively manufacturing the screens to your particular Fish Screening Criteria; FPI can prevent fish from entering pumps, siphons, diversion, pipelines, and where ever you do not want ...

Water intake screen

by haixing wedge wire filter factory     based in hengshui, CHINA

A passive surface water intake screen is a submerged static filter without the need for any working components. The passive HAIXING surface water intake screen acts as a filter to protect a pumping station against damage from floating debris but without any environmental impact. HAIXING designs, manufactures, and markets the complete unit ...

Water Intake Protection Screen (WIP)

by Beaudrey     based in Loveland, COLORADO (USA)

The Water Intake Protection Screen (WIP) was developed as an alternative to traditional thru-flow traveling band screens and can be easily retrofitted into existing openings. Its innovative design eliminates fish impingement and entrainment problems that are seen with traditional coarse mesh traveling band screens. Additionally, the Water Intake ...

BSP WELLSCREENS - Model 1 - Continuous Slot Wire Wrap Well Screens S/S304

by Banpong Screen Pipe Co. Ltd.     based in Bap Pong, THAILAND

S/S 304 Wire Wrap Well Screens made to the customers exact specifications.Simply supply us with your specifications and we will manufacture the exact screen required.

Model ESS - Spiral Screen

by Vulcan Industries     based in Missouri Valey, IOWA (USA)

The Model ESS Spiral Screen is an automatic, self- cleaning, fine screen for primary screening in municipal and industrial sewage treatment applications. The design of the Spiral Screen allows for easy installation in new or existing facilities without channel modifications in most cases. The Spiral Screen can also be provided in a fabricated ...

Travelling Fine Screen

by Ham Baker Pipelines Ltd     based in Staffordshire, UNITED KINGDOM

The Three Star Travelling Fine Screen incorporates fabricated panels manufactured from pre-formed stainless steel perforated plate with apertures sized to suit specific applications. Panel design allows easy replacement in case of accidental damage whilst being securely fastened to the special strength 8” (203mm) pitch roller link chain. ...

ExeLS Bandscreen

by Ham Baker Pipelines Ltd     based in Staffordshire, UNITED KINGDOM

The Three Star exceLS bandscreen can offer throughput up to 750LS and is based on the successful Three Star Double flow bandscreen. Screening is achieved by passing the sewage through a vertical band shaped screen curtain, comprising an assembly of plastic perforated panels, clipped and fastened into stainless steel frames which are positively ...

Filternox - Model KQR - Automatic Self-Cleaning Coarse Screen

by ANTEL Treatment System Construction Industry & Commerce Co.Inc.     based in Ümraniye İSTANBUL, TURKEY

Models with Automatic Self-Cleaning Coarse Screen. KQR models of Filternox filters are also offer two stage filtration, having an automatic self-cleaning system for the coarse screen modules. They consist of multiple fine screen modules.

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