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FLAP Gates

by Coldwell-Wilcox Technologies LLC

Flap gates are the simplest way to prevent water from returning back into pipes and openings. The gate is designed so that whatever the size, a small flow will open the gate with unseating pressure and will remain watertight with seating pressure. Also known as tide gates and floodgates because of their ability to prevent back flow into a ...

Flexible Flap Gates

by Coldwell-Wilcox Technologies LLC

Flexible flap gates are excellent for water and wastewater applications. Suited for gravity flow by opening under very low unseating head. Also suited for pump discharge and withstanding the pump discharge slamming action. A flexible flap gate usually consists of a stainless steel frame, minimum 1' thick reinforced flexible neoprene cover, ...

Circular Flap Gates - Series 60

by Fontaine Industries Ltd

The Fontaine SERIES 60 Circular Flap Gate is designed to allow, regardless of its size, a small flow to open the gate while it will remain watertight under positive pressure.

Inverted Flap Gates - Series 61

by Fontaine Industries Ltd

The Fontaine SERIES 61 Inlet Flap Gate mounts inside a manhole for better access, to keep it clear of debris and prevent ice forming in cold weather.

Camuna - Gates

by Camuna Installazioni SpA

Relevant experiences have been realized through years on various dimensions and type of gates such as flap gates, radial gates, plan sliding and wheel gates, stoplogs. The use of innovating instruments of design and research of suitable hydraulic solutions for each project, makes our works unique and lasting in time, maintaining also operative ...


by ANDRITZ Energy & Environment GmbH

ANDRITZ HYDRO supplies any type of high-pressure gates, such as fixed wheel gates, sliding gates, radial gates, and caterpillar gates, as well as gates for ship locks, such as miter gates or sector gates.Dams for hydropower plants have to meet the most stringent safety requirements. ANDRITZ HYDRO supplies any type of high-pressure gates, such as ...

Square or Rectangular Flap Gates - Series 70

by Fontaine Industries Ltd

The Fontaine SERIES 70 Square or Rectangular Flap Gate is designed so that, whatever its size, a small flow will open the gate while it remains watertight under positive pressure.

GH-39 - StaInless Steel & Aluminum Flap Gates

by Golden Harvest, Inc.

Golden Harvest, Inc. supplies Flap Gates in stainless steel, aluminum, and spun aluminum and supplied with neoprene seals. Flexible design available in square, rectangular and circular shapes. Automatic, circular opening for gravity flow and pump discharge can be aluminum or stainless steel. Stainless steel construction is recommended for pump ...

Aqua-Flap - Non-Return Gates

by SGS Aqua Technologies GmbH

Non-return gates are installed at outlets of all kind. They ensure that flows only pass through in one direction. In order to minimize losses during throughflow we use the light but nonetheless durable gate body made of FRP. With the use of our very own sandwich design, we can further reduce the weight of the gate body.

Armtec - Water Control Gates

by Armtec

Armtec is an industry leader in water control gates for wastewater treatment plants, water treatment plants, and irrigation and flood control projects. Thousands of customers globally can attest to the high quality of Armtec’s gate products.

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