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Sluice Gates


Sluice gates, which can be mounted into the channel or on the wall, are manufactured in a wide range of models including manual, electric driven or pneumatic types. We manufacture sluice gates in various dimensions from 150x150 mm up to 4,000x4,000 mm with the casing and frame thickness calculated regarding water pressure.

Sluice Gates

by Coldwell-Wilcox Technologies LLC

Sluice gates are fluid control products that provide a mechanical means of controlling liquid flow through an opening in a variety of applications within the water and wastewater industry. The Coldwell-Wilcox sluice gates meet and exceed the requirements of the AWWA standard for cast slide gates. Sluice gates can be cast in A126 class B cast iron, ...

Sluice Gates

by Waterman Industries of Egypt

Waterman Heavy Duty Sluice Gates have been successfully used in a wide variety of applications, including municipal water works and treatment facilities, flood control projects, reservoirs, and fish hatcheries. Gate shapes include square or rectangular with square, rectangular or circular opening, and can be furnished with standard flanged back or ...

Sluice Gates

by Claro Environmental Technologies & Equipment

Claro offers a variety of Parshall flumes and sluice gates in conjunction with its screening and grit removal systems. This auxiliary equipment is manufactured to suit the requirements of your application.

In-Eko - Stainless Steel Sluice Gate

by Purestream ES, LLC

The In-Eko Stainless Steel Sluice Gate is available in a variety of sizes to be installed into concrete. Whether restricting flow through a concrete channel or being used to shut off sections of a modular designed wastewater treatment plant, the Stainless Steel Sluice Gate is a cost-effective solution. The Sluice Gate is available with a manual ...

Coplastix - Sluice/Slide/Weir Gates

by Ashbrook Simon-Hartley

All Coplastix sluice/slide/weir gates are built for dependable performance with special milled steel matrices that lend strength to the durable Coplastix doors. All contact faces are made from incompatible materials for minimum friction which contributes to manufacture a lighter gate that can be handled easier when manually operated and requires ...

Waterman - Model Series 5000, 7000, and 4000 - Heavy Duty Sluice Gate

by Waterman Industries

Waterman’s Series 5000, 7000, and 4000 Heavy Duty Sluice Gates are designed to meet or exceed AWWA specifications. They have been successfully used in a wide variety of applications, including municipal water works and treatment facilities, flood control projects, reservoirs and fish hatcheries. They can be either fully self-contained or ...

Waterman - Model P-32 - Circular Opening Sluice Gates

by Waterman Industries

Waterman’s P-32 is a heavy duty self-contained circular opening sluice gate designed to meet AWWA specifications. It is ideally suited for pipe end shut-off applications, such as pumping stations, effluent ponding installations, and distributing boxes. The P-32 is constructed of high strength, close-grained cast grey iron. Available in ...

Three-Side Sealing Sluice Gates


Manual three-side sealing sluice gate. The three-side sealing sluice gate with manual actuation has the function of intercepting and/or deviating a water flow in a channel or a basin. This operation is ensured by the opening or closing of a pad actuated manually by a handwheel. The sluice gate is fixed to the wall of the channels, usually made of ...

Flow Control Sluice Gates - Series 15

by Fontaine Industries Ltd

Fontaine’s SERIES 15 (cf FIG 1) is a highly STANDARD versatile flow control penstock. Adaptable to different applications, the SERIES 15 is designed to withstand maximum seating and unseating heads ranging from 6 to 9 meters, with a maximum leakage of : 9.0 m for 150mm to 300mm : 0.5 L/min, 7.5 m for 400mm to 600mm : 0.6 L/min, 6.0 m for ...

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