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Aqua-Gate - Float Weirs

by SGS Aqua Technologies GmbH     based in Winterberg, GERMANY

In CSO tank, storm water tanks, storage sewers, flood control dams and water reservoirs the available storage volume is maximized through th use of Aqua-Gate - Float weirs. This increaser in storage volume results in a decrease of overflow events and minimizes the amount of water discharged from the system.

Flap Valves

by Waterfront Engineering     based in Glasgow, UNITED KINGDOM

Lightweight corrosion resistant flap valves for the prevention of reverse flows.Flap valves are designed and manufactured for use in modern industrial and domestic effluent environments and for protected river and sea outfalls with gravity flows. Utilisation of the latest materials combined with the strength of steel or stainless provides a range ...

ECHO Flow Hunter II - Model FH II and XDS 03 - Ultrasonic Open Channel Flowmeter for Flumes and Weirs

by Echo Process Instrumentation, Inc.     based in Shalimar, FLORIDA (USA)

The ECHO Flow Hunter II is a highly accurate Open Channel Flowmeter using the latest non-contact ultrasonic technology for measuring flow in all types of weirs and flumes. It uses the most advanced microprocessor technology with ECHO LOGIC algorithms to provide strong, stable and reliable flow measurement. It comes standard with two 4-20mA outputs ...

Spillway Gates

by Dyrhoff UK Ltd     based in Folkestone, UNITED KINGDOM

The Obermeyer spillway gate system is most simply described as a row of steel gate panels supported on their downstream side by inflatable air bladders. By controlling the pressure in the bladders, the pond elevation maintained by the gates can be infinitely adjusted within the system control range (full inflation to full deflation) and accurately ...


by Cesari Hydro S.P.A.     based in Passo di Treia, ITALY

Special valves for penstocks.

Parshall Flume

by Arkon Flow Systems, s.r.o     based in Brno, CZECH REPUBLIC

Arkon Parshall Flumes are primary flow devices with a wide range of applications, for measuring open channel flow. They can be used for flow measurement in creeks, irrigation and/or drainage channels, sewer outfalls, waste water treatment plants, etc. Arkon parshall flumes are made of polypropylene and are resistant to air temperatures up to ...

WACO - Weir Gates

by WACO Products, Inc.     based in Baltimore, MARYLAND (USA)

For control of flow through a port opening and to balance flow through parallel systems, the WACO weir gate is the answer. The weir gate opens by lowering its slide plate, allowing water to cascade over the top edge. By adjusting the height of the slide plate, the water level upstream can be controlled. WACO weir gates feature handwheel or ...


by TEMAK S.A.     based in Acharnes (Menidi) Attikis, GREECE

TEMAK can offer knife/gate valves, for use at waste water networks, or for water with high concentration of suspended solids, pulp or powders. Installation and piping connection is 'wafer' or 'lugged' type. The operation of the valve can be manual or automatic by means of pneumatic or electric actuator.


by Perrier Sorem     based in Toulon, FRANCE

Square orifice of 200 x 200 to 600 x 600 mm. Max head of water at the threshold: 5 mCE Watertightness: 2 directions, 4 sides. Manoeuvring components: T-wrench, handwheel, jack, pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders and electric servo-motor.

RIA MTV - Model DN 100-150 - Sluice Gate

by PROAGRIA MILJO A/S / PROAGRIA Landbrug A/S     based in Otterup, DENMARK

Tight from mounting side.Appllication as way and motorway sluice.Materials:Frame: EN 1.4404 - PEHD 500.Plate: EN 1.4404.Pressure: On-seating pressure, max. 4 mWs.DIN 19569 table 4 cl.3.Operation:Manual.

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