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A & A Worm Farm Waste Systems make waste treatment plants using worms that process domestic waste, sewerage, garbage and waste grey waters. If you have an existing septic tank or chemical treatment plant, our worm farm waste systems can also be used to retrofit septic tanks. Our natural waste processing systems, which use only worms, can be used for domestic waste processing or scaled up into commercial treatment plants for schools, hotels, conference centres or apartment blocks.

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A & A Worm Farm Waste Systems is an Australian owned and operated company which installed its first Worm Farm Waste System in 1996. In that time we have grown to be one of Australia’s leading alternative waste treatment system providers.

This company was established to provide waste treatment that requires no, or minimal, energy. A wholistic approach has been taken to manufacturing these systems. 98% of components are manufactured from recycled materials, further helping with landfill reduction.

Each system is designed to be site specific, maximising safety and system performance as well as providing the least risk to creeks, rivers, waterways and dams.

This company manages the total process for you, we apply for the Council permit to install, design and manufacture a system that will suit your application and then install the system on your site. All ongoing servicing obligations are conducted by trained A & A Worm Farm Waste Systems personnel.

Council applications require 2 site plans, 2 floor plans, and a cheque payable to your local shire for the cost of the permit fee. We will process all applications with your Council and will liaise with you when designing the system location on your site.
All systems are manufactured by A & A Worm Farm Waste Systems.


An A & A Worm Farm Waste System is a natural, environmentally sustainable solution for your site. The single chamber, non-mechanical system processes sewage, waste water and organic garbage using simple worm technology.

Since 1996, extensive research and development has been undertaken to ensure this waste treatment system delivers exactly what it has been designed to do and that is process sewage, waste water and organic garbage and convert it into a clear, aerated liquid fertiliser.

About the System

The Worm Farm Waste System has a huge void capacity for organic garbage, unlike other systems that can only accept very small quantities and generally only through an in-sinkerator. The Worm Farm Waste System offers a simple solution which uses minimal energy for disposing of organic garbage.

An entry chute is installed above ground allowing for easy disposal of organic kitchen and garden waste. Dairy, citrus, onions, garlic, meat, bones, vegetable peelings, fruit, table scraps and weeds with soil shaken from the roots, can all be added, as well as small prunings, dead heads from annuals, roses, agapanthus, thistles, docks, Patterson’s curse, cape and other weeds that produce seeds which require containment to prevent spreading will all add an additional food source for the worms. 90% less garbage will leave your site for landfill. Imagine if every household in the country saved 90% of the garbage they dispose into landfill, we would not have the landfill issues we now have.

All waste water and sewage is processed and kept on site and re-used as an underground liquid fertiliser for your plants. This natural liquid fertiliser is disposed of high in the soil to promote growth in the most biologically active soil area. Worm castings from the system are absorbed into the soil combined with processed waste water to help your trees, shrubs, roses, annuals, lawn and hedges to thrive. The liquid fertiliser also contains worm eggs. Washed out of the system, they hatch and the worms live in the disposal areas scouring and aerating the soil. Even heavy clays will improve as a result of this process.

Site Specifications & Council Permits

All systems are designed site specific. For dwellings the number of bedrooms and the soil type are taken into consideration when designing the effluent disposal area. Most councils require a Land Capability Assessment as part of the permit process. We can recommend a geotechnical company in your locality which is licensed to prepare these documents.

To make the permit process simple for you, we can also assist with the council permit application. We require two copies of your site and floor plans, your Land Capability Assessment and a cheque made payable to your council for the permit fee. We do not charge you for this service. We are in contact with councils Australia-wide every day and intimately understand the terminologies that can sound like another language to someone who is unfamiliar with the process.

If your site is hilly, a non-powered gravity system may be suitable. On flat sites we install a small sump pump to disperse the worm liquid from the system to the effluent disposal area. The sump pump is only activated on demand for a couple of minutes when required.

Servicing your Unit

Unlike most waste treatment companies which charge a quarterly or annual service fee, A & A Worm Farm Waste Systems will visit your site 6 months after you start using the system to check that everything is working correctly. All we ask is that you advise us 6 months after commencement of use so we can schedule your service. This first visit is carried out at no cost to you. Subsequent visits are recommended every two years after that for which there is a service call out charge.

Who Takes Care of the Installation?

Company trained and accredited installers who are directly employed by this company will install your system. We do not engage the services of sub-contractors or the local plumber.

Our installer will arrive at your site in a truck which will carry an excavator and all other equipment needed to install the system. Our installer meets with you, or your builder, on the day of installation to discuss the location of the Worm Farm Waste System.

No Smells

The Worm Farm Waste System does not have a septic smell. The liquid which leaves the system is clear, odourless, aerated and contains worm castings and worm eggs which will benefit your garden.


A & A Worm Farm Waste Systems offer an excellent solution for any site where organic waste is generated.

This includes schools, restaurants, food manufacturing, caravan parks, camping grounds, wineries, unit developments sites, alpine ski lodges, golf clubs, motels and hotels, apartment buildings, canteens preparing food for employees, resorts and animal waste facilities.

The applications for this technology are endless. Talk to our consultants about your needs. We can solve your problems and offer solutions for waste processing.

All systems are designed site specific. Tell us about your site and the organic waste you need to be processed.

Private schools with boarders, corporations with staff canteens use this technology to process the organic waste generated in the kitchens. We offer an excellent solution for boarding kennels for dogs and cats. The Worm Farm Waste System processes animal waste. Horse waste - a system the size of an olympic swimming pool has been installed on a horse stud. This system processes up to 5 tonnes of horse waste, grass cuttings from the training tracks and the organic garbage. The clear, aerated liquid fertiliser is sprayed back onto pastures eliminating the need for future chemical fertilisers.


One of the largest infrastructure costs in establishing hotels and motels is sewerage and waste treatment. The Worm Farm Waste System will process sewage, waste water and organic garbage, producing a natural liquid fertiliser for the gardens.

90% less garbage will leave the sites for landfill. This system will reduce costs for food waste disposal which is normally stored in a skip bin, collected and disposed to landfill. Smelly food waste sitting around the site will become a thing of the past as will the collection costs. The surrounding gardens will benefit from the liquid fertiliser.


The Worm Farm Waste system processes all food waste including meat, bones, citrus, onions, garlic, dairy, paper serviettes, weeds and small prunings. We have installed many systems for honey producers, biscuit manufacturers, function facilities and restaurants. The Worm Farm Waste Systems are turbo charged compared to the backyard worm farm or compost pile. Food and organic waste will be converted into a rich, balanced fertiliser.