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  • Spill Kits

  • Model 1322-YE - 20 Gallon Spill Kit

    Model 1322-YE - 20 Gallon Spill Kit

    These highly visible containers keep spill response products readily available so you can avoid that oh-so costly problem. Various sizes are available for different types of applications. Absorbs up to 11 gallons/42 liters.

  • Job Hut & Ramp

  • Job Hut - Model 4010-YE - Outdoor Storage

    Job Hut - Model 4010-YE - Outdoor Storage

    If easy access, cost efficiency, and a large storage area are what you need then Job Hut™ is your answer. An extra large storage area lets you store up to eight (8) 55-gallon drums right on their pallets! Its low profile design allows for easy access, and it’s forkliftable from all sides for effortless handling. Tough polyethylene construction means it won’t rust or corrode while UV inhibitors make it extra durable for outdoor use. A...

  • Model 4000-YE - Hazard Hut

    Model 4000-YE - Hazard Hut

    When floor space is at a premium indoors, take your hazardous materials outdoors with the Hazard Hut. One-piece molded 100% polyethylene construction means there are no joints or seams to leak. Molded-in side vents reduce fumes, while UV protection makes it a durable performer outside. Removable grates make it easy to clean and the 72-gallon sump capacity ensures leak and spill containment.

  • IBC  - Model 5460-YE - Space Saver

    IBC - Model 5460-YE - Space Saver

    Small footprint takes up minimal floor space! Floor space efficient alternative for storing, dispensing and containing IBC totes up to 275-gallons. With features like a solid polyethylene construction for high chemical compatibility and a rugged, easily-removable integrated platform; drips, leaks and spills don’t stand a chance!

  • Portable Containment

  • PolyBerm - Model 45-2028-PB-L - Stinger Polyberm System

    PolyBerm - Model 45-2028-PB-L - Stinger Polyberm System

    The PolyBerm System is a heavy duty, re-useable secondary containment unit with an innovative modular design and an ENPAC® Approved sump liner. All components are stacked and nested to implement quick, easy setup and efficient, cost-effective shipping and storage. No special tools or lifting equipment required allowing for ease of assembly and site flexibility. In addition, PolyBerm is not secured to the substrate, making it perfect for both long...

  • Funnels

  • Model 3004-YE - Universal Poly-Drum Funnel

    Model 3004-YE - Universal Poly-Drum Funnel

    Fits both closed-head and open-head 55-gallon drums, and other containers. Just set it and forget it. Exclusive features include patented scalloped design, high side wall, bung fitting holders and optional cover for added protection and value!

  • Spill Pallets

  • Model 5222-YE - 2-Drum Nestable Poly-Spillpallet

    Model 5222-YE - 2-Drum Nestable Poly-Spillpallet

    Maximize space by minimizing storage! Capture drips and spills within the Nestable. 2-Drum Poly-Spillpallet™ sump. The 20.75” height design and 2,000 lb. load capacity. keep your drums at an easy reach and a secure level. The unit provides chemical, UV, rust and corrosion resistance while the textured removable grate keeps drums from sliding and provides unrestricted and hassle-free sump. Optional drain available. Store multiple...

Products by Imbibitive Technologies America, Inc.

  • IMBIBER BEADS Hydrocarbon Absorption Products

  • IMBIBER BEADS - Hot Zone Spill Kit

    IMBIBER BEADS - Hot Zone Spill Kit

    The IMBIBER BEADS® Hot Zone Spill Kit is designed to give HAZMAT First Responders all of the necessary hydrocarbon cleanup tools to quickly and effectively address road, rail, industrial, marine or pipeline spills. Our spill kits completely contain and immobilize fuel spills, drastically reduce toxic vapors and eliminate slippage hazards for workers.



    IMBICATOR Blankets are the largest specialty sorbent product sold by Imbibitive Technologies and are perfectly suited for the containment and capture of significant organic chemical spills. These imbibing blankets completely contain spills in fuelling areas, loading docks, storage facilities, separation ponds, oil water separators, road spills, train spills, pipeline spills and open water.



    IMBIBER BEADS® Booms are highly effective barriers for containing and immobilizing organic chemicals spills on water and land (specifically around fuelling areas). Unaffected by water (hydrophobic), the booms can be left dockside for immediate deployment.



    Effectively contain and capture a wide range of organic liquids with IMBIBER BEADS® Mini Booms. These smaller containment/aBsorption booms are the perfect solution for addressing spills in sumps, drip pans, leaking industrial equipment and hoses, and small water or land spills.



    IMBICATOR® Packets are designed for capturing and containing (aBsorbing) small or incidental hydrocarbon leaks/spills. Ideal for removal of sheens from sumps or to be used in conjunction with and/or replace drip pans.



    IMBICATOR Pillows have been engineered to fully capture and contain hydrocarbon spills from slightly larger areas than our packets, reducing toxic vapor levels up to 600 times. Pillows are perfect for imbibing liquid spills from oil-water separators, manholes, roadway spill cleanup and sumps.

  • IMBIBER BEADS - Sand/Bead Blend

    IMBIBER BEADS - Sand/Bead Blend

    IMBIBER BEADS Sand/Bead Blend is ideal for sealing ditch areas and preventing further penetration of hydrocarbons (oil, gasoline, diesel, brake fluid, transmission fluid) into soil. Additionally, this absorption product can be used to dike spills on hard surfaces and protect drains and sewers from becoming contaminated. For ease of transport, storage and use, our Sand/Bead blend is stored in HDPE stackable containers with handles and...